Fiancée of tragic Jeremy Kyle guest Steve Dymond targeted by vile online trolls

The fiancée of tragic Jeremy Kyle guest Steve Dymond has branded him a cheating "monster" as she opened up about the abuse she's been receiving on social media since his death.

Jane Callaghan, 48, claims Steve, who died in a suspected suicide days after failing a lie detector on the show, "gaslighted" her during their rocky relationship.

She said she grew "suspicious" he was cheating when he lied about his whereabouts while she was away.

Steve died after failing a lie detector test on the show which he took to try to prove he hadn't been unfaithful. The opening of his inquest earlier this week was told he had feared about the "repercussions" of the programme.

Jane also revealed Steve told her shortly before his death, which led to ITV axing The Jeremy Kyle Show, that he "wouldn't top himself".

Though she confesses she "cared" about the grandfather-of-three and is upset he died, Jane said the construction worker was a "monster".

She says she has received "hundreds" of messages and online comments targeting her following the suspected suicide of her on-off partner, branding her a "cheating slapper", "twisted" and a "slut".

Jane, from Gosport, Hants, said she suspected he was cheating in July last year when she discovered her car seat had moved and when she quizzed Steve about it he told her it "moved by itself".

She also said: "I also saw an email he got through as his email was logged in on my phone that was asking if he enjoyed his stay in the New Forest.

"One time I was in Great Yarmouth with my mum and he was staying at mine and his maps said he left my house at 5am and went to Southampton.

"He told me at 11.25 that he had just got up after sleeping in at mine."

In February this year she threw him out.

She said: "I didn't accuse him of cheating at the time because I was scared of the answer, I threw him out because of the lying.

"But he dragged me back in. I told myself I wouldn't let him but he gaslighted me and sucked me back in."

Jane said she has now been flooded by abusive messages.

She said: "I have hundreds of comments and messages. Some of them have been nice and supportive but so many have been really horrible calling me a cheating slapper and a slut.

"They are making out like I am the bad person. I have done nothing wrong. He cheated on me and I was completely in the dark about everything else he had done.

"Now he is gone all these things are coming out of the woodwork.

"It is upsetting and I am angry but the things people are saying to me about him make me feel less guilty.

"He was a monster but he doesn't deserve this now and neither do I.

"I cared about him and he loved me."

Steve's inquest opening on Wednesday heard he was found on May 9 in his rented room in Portsmouth, Hants, by his landlady Michelle Thaxter and her son Sam Kendall.

Detective Sergeant Marcus Mills told Portsmouth Coroner's Court he was surrounded by empty boxes of morphine and letters and cards addressed to Jane and his estranged son Carl Woolley, who he had not seen in 30 years but contacted before his death.

Jane said: "The cards were thank you cards. They weren't suicide letters at all. He always sent me cards and letters in our relationship. I have boxes and boxes of them.

"On Mother's Day he sent me a teddy bear and 20 cards. Those cards could have been written weeks before."

Jane also said: "He texted me to tell me he wouldn't top himself because he now had his son and his three grandchildren.

"He didn't have any mental health problems, he was just a liar and that is why I kicked him out."

She also revealed police told her Steve had died over the phone and she claimed she was "the only one that knew him".

She added that before she kicked him out in February, the couple were "solid" for two years.

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