How Koratala Siva Spoiled Everyone!

When Bollywood film director Aditya Chopra invented a scene where a hero proposes to a girl and then the girl walks out, but consider a yes when she turns back and looks at him. And this ‘turning back and smiling’ shot were used (is being used) for ages in many other movies since then.

It looks like Tollywood also found one such favourite scene and it is nothing but the “Press Meet” scene. Thanks to Koratala Siva who has delivered that stunning press meet scene in Bharat Anu Nenu movie thereby spoiling Tollywood’s next generation directors. The impact of that ‘I’m not done yet’ press meet is that every filmmaker is now thinking to incorporate such ‘talk to press’ scenes in one way or the other.

In this Summer season alone, while Jersey movie ends on Press Meet scene, even last week release ABCD also ends on the same, with just another funny addition at the end. Looks like every director is now looking forward to this ‘speech of hero’ kind of scene in their films. But as everyone knows, all such scenes will not give a similar kick.

Maybe the directors should also try to bring the scene to a boil like Koratala Siva and execute similar screenplay in their films right from the beginning, for such scenes to click.

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