‘I had ups and downs in my life’

‘Because of a little out of sight, out of mind, I did end up losing out on good projects.’

After Bob Biswas, Chitrangda Singh gets ready with yet another murder mystery, and this time, she has Sara Ali Khan and Vikrant Massey for company.

Gaslight, which releases on March 31, has been directed by Pawan Kriplani.

But Chitrangda doesn’t want to talk about the film at all.

All she tells Patcy N/Rediff.com about it is: “This time again, there are unusual plotlines, unusual characters and unusual circumstances.”

Pawan Kriplani has directed horror films like Bhoot Police, Phobia and Ragini MMS. What should we expect from this thriller?

He loves and enjoys these kinds of films.

This time again, there are unusual plotlines, unusual characters and unusual circumstances.

What I personally loved about the film was its pace… the pace at which you reveal the information.

He’s also so good at bringing out the complex human nature.

What kind of a director is he?

The best kind an actor can have!

He makes you feel so comfortable with your insecurities as an actor.

He’s open to ideas and suggestions. We ended up doing a lot of prep work.

He got us an acting coach, and I must have done about 10-11 sessions with them.

Most of the scenes are with the three principal characters and each of them has their own complex track.

It was very important to keep the whole thing in line; there couldn’t be a jump in emotion. I think it was pretty complex for him too.

At the same time, he has so much patience.

I hope I work with him again because it’s amazing the amount of freedom he gives you and still keeps the control.

You came into the industry in 2005. You are working with actors who are junior to you, like Vikarnt Massey (who entered films in 2013) and Sara Ali Khan (in 2018). How was it like working with them?

They are far more senior than me in the number of films they have done. I was actually learning from them.

Vikrant has done so much work. I think out of the three, he is probably the most experienced.

I didn’t feel like a senior at all.

I think we all know our work really well. Also, we are very different as actors.

After Bob Biswas and Modern Love Mumbai, your next film Gaslight will also release on OTT. Do you think OTT is a better medium?

Bob Biswas was not supposed to be for OTT. We didn’t make it like that. That happened because of COVID-19.

But I think everything has its own advantages and disadvantages.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the business. That’s the most important part of the entertainment industry.

I suppose the producers take a call on what works best at what point of time; I don’t think I’m an expert at that.

Even if you have a theatre release, your film does come on OTT in the end, so that’s a good thing because it reaches more people and it stays there longer. You can watch it anytime.

Since your debut, you have done about 16 films, one short film and one Web series. Do you think the roles coming your way are not up to the mark? Is that why you don’t take up too many projects?

I left work in 2004 and then came back in 2009, so there was a long break there.

Then again, I took off for a year-and-a-half in between.

So there was a bit of in and out for me. That does sort of break your rhythm as an actor.

I had those ups and downs with my professional life as well as my personal life.

It hasn’t really been all about work and all about the career.

Because of a little out of sight, out of mind, I did end up losing out on good projects.

But having said that, I’m happy that people still remember for my work. It has lasted all these years.

I’m looking forward to doing more work.

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