‘I was taken aback that what am I going to do in a show called Naagin?’ recalls Arjun Bijlani

Ekta Kapoor’s supernatural show Naagin has become of the most successful franchise in the history of television. While the audience, are currently enjoying the crackling chemistry between Surbhi Chandna and Sharad Malhotra in the fifth season of Naagin, popular telly actor Arjun Bijlani, who played the character of Ritik Singh in the first season of Naagin, where Mouni Roy played the central character, revealed that he had no idea of what he will do in a show called Naagin.

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Talking to Times Now, the actor said, “I was taken aback, what am I going to do in a show called Naagin. I was called saying, we are doing a show called Naagin, but then later they told me what the character was. I think it was Ekta Kapoor’s conviction. I was doing Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi and one day I got a call saying we are doing a show called Naagin. They told me it was an experiment. We all did not know how Naagin was going to fair, in the first season. It was Ekta’s baby and she wanted it to be in a particular way. We followed the brief and it became one of the biggest shows of the decade.”

He added, “As far as the hard work goes, what went into Naagin 1 is the same hard work probably, even more, must have been put in 2,3,4 and 5″. Recently Mohit Sehgal opened up about the comparisons between him and Arjun and told E Times, “Every season has a different story. Ratings may fluctuate, but besides that, no two seasons can be compared. I don’t pay attention to comparisons because I don’t believe in them. I just want to give my best shot, people are free to like it or not. We can only try to do better if they don’t like us.”

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