Is Ishita Dutta pregnant? The actress clears the air

Ishita Dutta recently did an ad with hubby Vatsal Sheth in which she is pregnant. For some strange reason, fans thought she might be expecting in real life too. Speaking to SpotBoye, Ishita had to clarify that she is not preggers.

She said, “I am getting so many calls after these speculations, I can’t even tell. My relatives are calling me to congratulate and telling me ‘bataya bhi nahi’. But honestly, I am not pregnant. The bump has come by me eating all the mithai. I think it’s time to work out as people think that I am pregnant. Now, the gyms have opened, so all those who are speculating will see me back in shape in a month’s time.”

Talking about celebs who like Kareena Kapoor and Anushka Sharma, who are actually pregnant, Ishita said, “Recently, a lot of celebrities have come out to announce their pregnancy and I feel due to that everybody is thinking it’s like a season of getting pregnant. I am very happy for those who are expecting but I am definitely not pregnant.”

Ishita and Vatsal got married in 2017. In a past interview to us, she had said, “When I first saw him (Vatsal), I remember we were doing a mock shoot, however, he was already doing the show. And I saw him standing in the front, he appeared to be very serious, not too talkative. Generally, on-screen images are quite different, they are kinda full of life. So, I was really surprised to see quiet Vatsal in a serious zone.”

She added, “According to my friends and co-stars on the sets, whenever Vatsal comes to meet me, I generally have a big glow on my face. That’s what people say. Saying yes to him for marriage is the craziest thing I’ve done. I thought we would never get married (laughs).”

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