John Travolta and Daughter Ella Bleu on Taylor Lautner Embarrassment, Muhammad Ali Competition

Lena Waithe, sitting in for Jimmy Kimmel, bonds with Travolta over his bald head and asks if he expected that first image of his new look to go viral.

John Travolta was joined by daughter Ella Bleu for his latest film "The Poison Rose" and his latest talk show appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" with Lena Waithe sitting in for Jimmy Kimmel.

The father-daughter duo were absolutely charming, dishing on how he totally embarrassed her the first time she got the opportunity to meet "Twilight" star Taylor Lautner, how he and Muhammad Ali would compete back in the day and what it was like going viral when he shaved his head.

When Lena asked him if he had any idea it might go viral, John immediately shut that notion down. "John: No, it’s a haircut, he said. "The last time I went viral before that was when I mispronounced Idina Menzel’s name on the Oscars."

Lena gave him props, though, for pulling off the bald look because it is a risky proposition. She was worried that she’d have a funny-shaped head when she finally shaved her hair down. They both look great this way with Lena saying John "kind of looks like how Nicolas Cage looked when he played you in ‘Face/Off.’"

John Travolta v Muhammad Ali

While there is probably no way John would have ever stepped into the boxing ring with Muhammad Ali, he was more than happy to compete with his friend in another way. It comes as no surprise to hear that Ali was competitive not just in the ring, but in every aspect of his life.

"It was at a time where arguably we were the two most famous people in the world," John said. "And he loved to compete with it. And he used to test it all the time." You read that right, Muhammad Ali had a famous-off with John Travolta at every opportunity.

"We’d walk down the street, he’d say, ‘Let’s see who gets recognized first,’" Travolta recalled. "One time a young person recognized us both and kind of freaked out."

At this point, John slipped into a passable — and funny — Ali impression. "He said, ‘You think you’re dreaming. You think you’re seeing John Travolta and Muhammad Ali together and you’ll go home and you’re gonna say, Was that real or was I dreaming?’"

Researching Taylor Lautner

Lena Waithe figured that it must have been pretty easy for Ella Bleu being raised by John Travolta, because his persona has been the epitome of cool for decades now. And while she admitted that her dad was a pretty cool guy, that doesn’t mean he didn’t embarrass her from time to time. Especially during those formative teenage years.

That’s when dads excel at embarrassing their daughters, especially.

In this case, John’s moment to shine came when the family was having over the Lautners, including breakout "Twilight" star Taylor Lautner. Of course, being that she’s 18 years old now, Ella was all about those movies and apparently Team Jacob all the way.

She confessed to looking up pictures with her friends and doing "research" on Taylor and his family before they came, which John got wind of.

"The first thing he says to them is, ‘Oh, Ella was just looking you guys up on the internet,’" Ella lamented. "And I was like, what?"

"A father’s point of view is everyone loves Taylor Lautner, wouldn’t he be flattered that Ella’s looking him up?" John countered.

That may be, but there’s no way your teen daughter isn’t going to be mortified that you’ve basically called her out and embarrassed her in front of this cute boy. Even at 18, Ella was able to give her dad that patented teenage daughter look like, You just don’t get it, Dad!

The father and daughter duo play opposite each other in "The Poison Rose," also starring Morgan Freeman, Brendan Fraser and Famke Janssen. It’s in theaters Friday, May 24.

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