Kavita Kaushik says no reconciliation with Eijaz Khan after Bigg Boss 14: ‘We have never been friends for us to be reconciled’

Kavita Kaushik, who was evicted from Bigg Boss 14 within just a week of her entry as a wild card contestant, made headlines for her face-off with Eijaz Khan on the show. While many contestants who butted heads on the show became friends after it ended, there is no ‘reconciliation’ on the cards for Kavita.

Talking to Hindustan Times, she said, “We have never been friends for us to be reconciled. I am tired of saying that we met three times after that show, Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Ka, which I did with him in 2005, in which I was replaced. He was the star. After that, I met him three times. Once, he came to the set of FIR. That too, I had not met him. He was watching the show and I was shooting, so we can’t even count that. Recently, I wanted to do something for dogs and someone told me Eijaz does things for dogs and he knows a dog shelter. So, one time, I met him at the dog shelter. There, he said that he is single. I asked him, ‘Are you seeing someone? Are you getting married?’ Just a general conversation.”

“After that dog shelter incident, my husband called him for my birthday party. I myself was surprised but I was actually happy because he had said he was single and it gets a little lonely being a single person. I was extending a hand of goodness. You don’t end up talking much at birthday parties because everyone is dancing and having a good time,” she added.

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Kavita said that apart from these three meetings, she spoke with Eijaz on the phone during the lockdown. “We had a conversation where he said, ‘I have seen on Instagram that you make nice cakes and such fancy things. I have no one to cook for me.’ It is not that he was needy, he is a bigger star than me. He was not needy. He just didn’t have a cook or mother or sister or girlfriend or anyone. You can look at recipes and make it yourself, na? My husband is seeing recipes these days when the cook doesn’t come and he makes something for himself. But since I was extending a hand of friendship and wanted to be there, I lovingly made something. It is not that I fed him because he was needy,” she said.

After her comments about cooking for Eijaz during the lockdown, Kavita faced a lot of backlash on social media. Some slammed her for offering help and then ‘making a mockery’ of it. “I am tired of saying, he does not need anyone. He needs chamchas, he has everything else. So this whole facade that people have created… Oh please! I don’t even need to say what I do and will never. I’m not like one of those actors who give 1 kg atta and then take 10 pictures and put it up. I’m not like that. I don’t need to do that. My karma is very clear. All I was trying to say is that I was genuinely reciprocating the gesture of friendship but this man does not need it. He does not need friends or love. He uses people, which is very clear in this game,” she said.

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Kavita seemed to be making a reference to her photos with Eijaz, which went viral after their fight, as she said, “Like I have been saying, I know him, he’s an acquaintance, not a friend that I want to reconcile with. There is no friendship. Maybe again, I will meet him at a party and get a picture clicked and it will come out somewhere. Then people will say they patched up. No, that is not friendship.”


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On being asked about the romance angle between Eijaz and Pavitra Punia, Kavita said, “Do you need to ask? You think this romance is real? If the press and the audience is so gullible then I don’t even want to answer this question. I don’t know if you saw that conversation with me and him on the couch, where I was asking him, ‘Do you like her?’ I even told him that if she likes you, despite your behaviour, then you would rather be with her because it is difficult for anybody to get along with a person like you. I said that to him, I don’t know if it was shown. But he said, ‘No, for me, everything is the game so don’t tease me with her.’ I even told Pavitra, ‘When you go out of the red zone, please play your own game because he is here for the game. Don’t make a fool of yourself.’ But she did not take my advice, she mocked me.”

“Now, I saw the promo of how she was crying. She was saying that this man has double-crossed her. It’s for everyone to see. I believe no matter what people may say, no matter how much trolling they do, no matter how much you may misconstrue somebody’s sentence and not see the heart behind it… Those harsh words were the sound of my broken heart because I genuinely was there for him as a friend in the house, but I realised that he does not need a friend, he needs chamchas. I believe very strongly that the truth will be for everyone to see,” she added.

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