Love Island to premiere on CBS July 9 and air 5 nights a week

It’s time to crack on with the US version of Love Island!

On Wednesday, CBS announced the smash-hit reality show will premiere on July 9 and air five nights a week (Monday – Friday), before concluding on Aug. 7 — may as well cancel your vacation now!

“As the buzziest reality show in the U.K., Love Island has won the hearts of viewers across the pond as well as around the world, creating appointment viewing and fanfare for audiences everywhere,” said Sharon Vuong, Senior Vice President, Alternative Programming in a statement. “We are thrilled to bring our version of this cultural phenomenon to CBS. This fun, light-hearted series is like watching your favorite romantic comedy five nights a week!”

For the uninitiated (where have you been?!), the reality show puts a bunch of devastatingly attractive singles on an island (for the US version, this will be Fiji) to live together in a gorgeous villa and spend the summer together in the hopes of finding love. But, of course, it’s not that simple, babes. Every few days the Islanders must “couple-up” ie. pick another person to be in a quasi-relationship and share a bed with. Cruelly, there isn’t an even number of guys and girls, so those who fail to find a partner risk being dumped from the island!

And that’s not all! New Islanders are introduced frequently, which means there’s a whole lot of betrayal (or “mugging off,” if you will) and partner-hopping going down. Plus, there are weekly challenges and the public opinion to contend with as viewers also get the chance to vote for which couple they like best. Ultimately one couple is crowned winner and walk with a cash prize — and a relationship that could last anywhere up to three months? But they all leave with a really cute personalized water bottle, so truly there are no losers on this show!

Love Island premieres July 9 at 9 p.m. on CBS. Catch up on the U.K. version of the series on Hulu now.

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