Mamangam movie review and release LIVE UPDATES

Mamangam movie review and release live updates: Here's what celebrities, critics and fans are saying about Mamangam, starring Mammootty, Unni Mukundan, Kaniha, Anu Sithara, Tarun Raj Arora, Prachi Tehlan, Sudev Nair, Suresh Krishna, Manikuttan and Siddique among others.

Mammootty’s epic period drama Mamangam releases today. The big-budget film has been helmed by M Padmakumar. Earlier, Sanjeev Pillai had been roped in to direct the feature. However, due to varied reasons, the job ultimately fell into Padmakumar’s lap.

“It was done in the interest of the film. Nobody does it happily. It is not a pleasant thing to do. We were left with no option but to take that step. He (Sanjeev) went to courts, and courts upheld that whatever we did was right, including Kerala High Court. So, that’s been an unpleasant experience,” Vivek Ramadevan, Executive Producer of Mamangam, told

The film is centered around the Mamankam festival. It tells the story of ‘Chavers’ (suicide warriors) who plan to overthrow the Zamorin ruler. Apart from Mammootty, Mamangam features Unni Mukundan, Kaniha, Anu Sithara, Tarun Raj Arora, Prachi Tehlan, Sudev Nair, Suresh Krishna, Manikuttan and Siddique among others.

Earlier, while talking about the film with, Prachi Tehlan had explained how and why she thinks Mamangam is different from other historical dramas.

“Beauty of Mamangam is that it is a non-fiction film. The Malayalam film industry is very content-driven. The films are intelligently and beautifully made. People of Kerala are excited about Mamangam as the story belongs to their history but being from the North, I would like the entire country to know about the festival that was celebrated for 280 years just like Kumbh Mela in North. So, this is a story of the unsung heroes. Also, the film has been mostly shot in real locations,” Prachi said.

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Film trade analyst Ramesh Bala posted on Twitter, “The producer of #Mamangam, Venu Kunnappilly, has approached the Madras High Court seeking it to take serious action against pirate websites and Telegram channels— a good move by the team. #MamangamFromDec12”

While the principal photography had begun in February 2018 itself, after a new director was brought in, the filming began again from scratch in January 2019. The film had entered its last leg of shoot in May this year.

Earlier, while speaking to PTI, Mammootty had said, “It is a big episode to be remembered and sadly not much movies are made on it. Movies are the best medium to teach and let people know about history. It is a period film but not folklore. It is about the fight between two groups and about justice, which should be delivered.”

Mamangam has been bankrolled by Venu Kunnappilly with a script by Sanjeev Pillai. The songs have been composed by M Jayachandran.

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