‘My life has been a constant battle’

Producer Ekta Kapoor has launched an interesting campaign to promote her film, Thank You For Coming.

She has film folk talk about how #IHaveComeALongWay, sharing little nuggets of information about their struggle and how they, well, came into the industry.

Guneet Monga arrived in Mumbai at 21 and went on to carve a successful career as a film producer, winning an Oscar this year! She shares her journey here.


‘At 18, I didn’t have a lot of direction. But a family that loved me so strongly, they said fly and I never looked back,’ writes Guneet.

‘At 21 I came to Mumbai the city of dreams. Mom and I started Sikhya in 2008. I went to do different jobs and also ran AKFPL (Anurag Kashyap Films Pvt. Ltd) for a bit. I then returned to Sikhya in 2017-2018.

‘Life is not linear. At 24, I lost those that kept my wings up. My parents. And I struggled to still soar for those dreams.

‘Everyone tells you to never give up. No one tells you how to do that.

‘The journey of knowing how to not give up is what makes us who we are. I feel like my life has been a constant battle to not give up, to just push through one more day. Maybe it will be worth it.

‘The hardest things have always been the most common struggles we all face. Taking that first leap, mustering the courage to speak your opinions, and doing so with confidence.

‘Keeping your ego in check, weighing the pros and cons, and being ready to take ownership of your own decision — whatever may be the consequences.’

‘Do I doubt myself anymore? I do. I won’t lie. I have days when I ask questions that people might consider stupid, but no question is a stupid question.

‘Nearing four decades of my life now, the hurdles we faced, the hustles we chased, and the mistakes we’ve made, it was all worth it.

‘Those little moments before we do what we do to change the course of our journey are the real journey.

‘And so here are two of those moments, one at 18, just before this young girl would go out into the world and see what she can make of it.

‘And one now at 39 bringing home India’s first Oscar for any Indian production, with the blessings of loved ones around me and collective successes of years of hard work.

‘I now have my own family all over again, and I cannot get enough of how much we love each other! Everything works out. Sab theek ho jata hai. My everyday mantra is Sab Acha Hai.

‘Today, I want to thank everyone and most importantly, the 18-year-old Guneet for coming so far in life and not giving up. Thank you for coming!

‘Thank you, @ektarkapoor, for inspiring me to share my journey.’

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