Naagin 5 PROMO: Veer and Jay to go against their mother, Markaat to save Bani

Naagin 5’s story has been full of twists and turns. The show has been doing great and fans have loved it. As per the latest story Bani, Jay, and Veer’s life will take a different turn. Surbhi Chandna aka Bani’s biggest enemy, Markaat has arrived. She will face Markaat and will land into trouble. Markaat has captured Bani in a magical cave, intending to take revenge from her, and take her life. Markaat is Jay and Veer’s mother. However, Veer was not aware that Markaat is Jay’s mother as well. As per the latest promo, Jay will reveal to Veer that his mother is also Markaat. Veer will then come to now that Jay is his brother. This will leave him shocked and Bani will also come to know that Jay and Veer are brothers who were planning to kill her in Satyug. However, as per the promo, something unusual happens. Yes, Jay and Veer support Bani and not their mother.

It happens so that Markaat will attack Bani with a sword in the magical cave, and try to kill her. But, as soon as Markat moves forward to complete her mission, Jay and Veer come to save Bani. Markaat screams at them and asks them why are they supporting Adi Naagin and not their mother. They will stop Markat from harming Bani. Veer then tells Markaat that she is not their mother but an evil spirit. Shockingly even Jay is in support of Bani and Veer. Take a look at the promo here:

It will be interesting to see whether Veer and Jay will save Bani or will Markaat kill all three of them.

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