No OTT Buyers For The Kerala Story

By now every box office analyst and trade guru knows that Sudipto Sen’s The Kerala Story is a certifiable blockbuster.

On reading reports that The Kerala Story will be streaming very shortly, when Subhash K Jha touched base with Sudipto, he startles Subhash with his response: “We still haven’t got a suitable offer from any OTT platform for The Kerala Story.”

But what about all the reports of the film being ready for streaming?

Says Sudipto, “No no. We are still waiting for a good workable deal from any of the main OTT platforms.

“But so far, we have not got any offer worth considering. It seems the film industry has ganged up to punish us.”

But punishment for what?

“Our box office success has irked many sections of the film industry. We have a feeling that a section of the entertainment industry has united to punish us for our success,” alleges Sudipto.

When Subhash contacted a leading OTT platform to ask why a film as successful The Kerala Story has yet to get a digital outlet, the response was not surprising.

“We don’t want to get into anything politically controversial.”

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