Parvathy lip-syncs Shankar Mahadevan’s Breathless at 1.5x speed: ‘Best warm-up for voice, facial muscles’

Parvathy mentioned that she was addicted to Shankar Mahadevan's Breathless when it had released in the 90's and that it was quite difficult to learn the lyrics.

Actor Parvathy shared a video where she lip-synced Shankar Mahadevan’s Breathless, at a pace faster than the original. In her caption, she mentioned that she was addicted to the song when it had released in the 90’s and that it was quite difficult to learn the lyrics.  In the video, Parvathy seems to be having fun lip-syncing the song.

She captioned her video, “Gosh when this song was released by @shankarmahadevan, i was instantly addicted! It was hard enough to learn the lyrics or lip sync at the original speed. So this one- which is 1.5x faster- phew!”

Parvathy added that it was a good exercise for her facial muscles as well. “SO MUCH FUN! Also, do this 5 times and it’s the best warm up for voice and facial muscles. No joke. P.s- the voice you hear along with the singer’s is not mine. That’s the original reel track by the person I’m assuming who started this killer trend. I’m just lip syncing.”



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Recently, Parvathy, who is usually the target of trolls, took to social media to share a lip-sync video as she responded to haters. “This is not the first time and it won’t be the last. Your emphatic hatred towards me and slithering joy over my being ripped apart in a public space shows more about your issues than who I am. We don’t have to agree on anything, but if you can’t hold a respectful space for debate, conversation and allow growth, you’re adding to cancel-culture,” she wrote.

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