Phillip Schofield slams anti-LGBT protester accused of ‘poisoning kids’ minds’

An anti-LGBT protester sparked a furious debate online after appearing on This Morning today and was accused of "poisoning children's minds".

Shakeel Afsar is leading the protests against Anderson Park Primary, despite admitting he has no children at the school, over LGBT teaching.

The Birmingham school protest escalated this week into a violent clash with eggs being thrown .

Hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby spoke to Shakeel and Melissa Thompson, who opposed the protests and branded them homophobic.

Later in the debate Phil hit out at Shakeel for "discriminating" and "encouraging children to be less tolerant.

Initially Phil asked whether he would say he was a tolerant man, Shakeel insisted that he had been painted in a bad light.

"You did say it 'plants a seed in them'. What do you mean?" Phil pointed out.

Shakeel replied that children should be "taught respect for humanity" and said that the LGBT community has been intolerant towards the Muslim community.

"I find it really rich that you use words such as intolerance," Melissa pointed out. "It's hugely damaging to the LGBT community."

At the end, she passionately accused him of "poisoning children" with his comments.

This comes after Jess Phillips, MP for Birmingham Yardley, wrote on Twitter earlier this week about the protests: "Our equalities laws protect us all.

"I will not be called aggressive for wanting to protect all of the community, Muslims too.

"This is doing deep damage to the Muslim community and these protestors do not represent Birmingham".

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