'RHONY' Cast Slams 'Selfish' Luann de Lesseps as She Triples Down on Sonja Morgan Drug Accusations

“You’ve never said to her, ‘I was disgusted when you got arrested on New Year’s Eve,'” Dorinda says to Sonja.

Luann de Lesseps is selfish… at least according to some of the "Real Housewives of New York".

Lu, who has zero regrets about accusing co-star Sonja Morgan of being on drugs and not checking in on her when she drunkenly hurt herself in Miami, has left the rest of the cast feeling some type of way about her seemingly callous behavior.

Sonja, Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer pointed out during Wednesday’s "RHONY After Show," Sonja could have been seriously hurt, and they felt Lu should have cared more.

Here’s what happened. On Wednesday’s episode of the Bravo series, while The Big Apple’s finest were in Florida filming their vacation, a drunk Sonja fell out of her chair and smacked her face on the dining room table, prompting Bethenny Frankel to call 9-1-1. Paramedics ruled Sonja was fine — drunk, but fine.

At the time, Luann was in her room, and even though she said "RHONY" newcomer Barbara Kavovit came to fill her in on what was going on, Lu wanted nothing to do with the situation. After all, Sonja had just called her a "f–king diva" on a "high horse" who didn’t think twice before marrying a man she was once involved with.

It was on the "After Show" that Dorin, Sonja and Tinsley gave their thoughts on Lu’s behavior in the episode.

"I think she was being selfish, and I don’t really believe the excuses, I’m sorry," Sonja said about Luann not checking on her. "And I’m gonna talk to her about this. But she should’ve come up to see me."

"It’s sort of like her lame excuse about [Dorinda’s] fish room," Sonja continued. "She couldn’t [stay] there because she drank there, but she goes to other places, like The Cutting Room, where people drank. Her cabaret, people drink. She couldn’t be around me because I was drinking? I’ve been around to hold her up and be with her when she’s crying and drinking. She needs to be there for me, too, whether she’s sober or not."

Dorinda — who was sitting beside Sonja — agreed, adding, "It’s not a one-sided deal. And I’m not saying she had to sit there and sleep with her, but she should’ve definitely checked on her. I mean, Sonja could’ve been really hurt! To just go to bed — what is the message? I don’t even think she went to Bethenny or to any of us and say, ‘Is she okay?’"

But Lu maintains she was just "really uncomfortable about the situation."

"I knew the paramedics were taking care of her, and she was so nasty to me the night before, I could not bring myself to do it," said Lu, who was also annoyed that no one came to check on her while they were busy dealing with Sonja.

"This is a prime example of Luann sort of being clueless to the situation," Tinsley said on the "After Show." "Why would someone need to go check on her? And in all honesty, Luann being a former nurse, she should’ve maybe gone and checked on Sonja."

"How about this," Dorinda added. "There was an ambulance in the driveway, and Sonja was passed out because she just took a horrible fall, so I think that sort of wins!"

Sonja also mentioned that, in that moment, what she needed was a friend, not "a friend being disgusted."

Dorinda agreed, adding, "You’ve never said to her, ‘I was disgusted when you got arrested on New Year’s Eve.’"

"No," Sonja replied. "We all said we were proud of her and her strength and that she got through it. And the bologna sandwich must’ve been a killer in jail, and she ate it anyway because, you know, what else could she eat? Poor thing. That’s all they give you in jail — bologna sandwich."

"I wouldn’t know," Dorinda added before both ladies let out a laugh.

Overall Sonja was grateful Bethenny called the paramedics because they checked all her vitals and tested her blood, which she felt would prove to Luann that she was not popping pills, an accusation Lu maintains.

Bethenny was happy, too, telling cameras on Wednesday’s show she was "very relieved to hear that Sonja’s pupils don’t appear to look like she’s taking anything" and that she couldn’t wait to "shove that straight up Luann’s ass because it’s a really horrible accusation."

But Lu felt Bethenny’s comments were "aggressive and unnecessary and uncalled for."

"I think talking about an occasional Xanax or taking — what is this drug that all the ladies on the Upper East Side take to stay thin?" she asked "After Show" producers. "They’re all on it. The kids use it to study."

"Oh, Adderall," they shouted.

"Adderall," Luann repeated. "You know, when paramedics check your eyes for drugs, it’s because they’re looking for major drugs, not the occasional Xanax that you take to sleep at night."

"The Real Housewives of New York" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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