Roopal Tyagi on her body positivity post: The insecurity business is an epidemic, social media is adding to that

It took Roopal Tyagi 30 years “to get comfortable” with her body. Waving off her insecurities, the actor recently took to Instagram to share a series of photos and videos. She wrote in her long post, “…So I ditched my photographer, slapped on some basic make up, put on my favourite beach bling brassiere and put my phone to its best use!… And voila! …” and ended it on a note of self-love.

“We all are in search of beauty but fail to recognise what we already have. I was no different so decided to address my insecurities. But still I was thinking my periods just got over, let’s wait for 15 more days and I was like, ‘Wait hold it, you think you’re secured but actually you aren’t’. So I just decided to do it,” says the actor known for TV shows Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke and Ek Mutthi Aasmaan.

Tyagi has always been conscious about her belly and never shown it on screen. “Even as a teenager when I was thin as a stick and being a dancer I’ve always been fit, but I would always cover my belly,” she says adding the photo shoot was liberating.

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My darling girls. Please read – It took me 30 years to FINALLY get comfortable with my body. THIRTY freaking YEARS! 😶👙But I’m happy to finally get here. Bye bye insecurities ✌🏼 So when we started planning this shoot yesterday, I thought of the perfect place, the perfect photographer and the perfect day of the month. (15 days from now, after my periods so that I’m not bloated at all). Then it hit me. I am PERFECT today. Just the way i am. Not after 15 days of a strict diet, not 15 days after my periods. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. NOW. Thats acceptance. That’s self love. ❤️ So I ditched my photographer, slapped on some basic make up, put on my favourite beach bling brassiere and put my phone to its best use! TODAY. And voila! 🤩 What i see here and what I now know for sure is that WE ARE BEAUTIFUL. Always. We just have to love ourselves enough to actually feel it! That’s it. 🥰 So does self love mean you start eating all sorts of crap and sit in one position the whole day? Or does it mean you go mental on fat burners or steroids? No. If you truly love something, you take care of it. The best way you can. Simple. ✨and I ❤️ me. #bestversionofme #selflove #girlpower #bodypositivity #lasenza #aldoaccessories #fitnessmotivation #realfitness

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However, she reveals even now people are messaging and commenting about where she went wrong. “Some are like why didn’t you put a filter in your photos or push your stomach in? I’m like ‘no’, the whole point is that I’m happy with the way I am, there’s nothing to hide. Not even the fold in my abdomen. I won’t use a smudge tool to remove that,” she adds.

The actor says our society has, over the time, created certain ideas of beauty. “The problem is we judge everyone by their photos online that are taken at a certain angle, with makeup and using best light. So they think everybody’s like that. No. We don’t wear makeup, we wake up with swollen face/eyes… And both versions are fine. That acceptance needs to come. Also, I pay more attention to the love and support that comes my way than the trolls,” she states.

Tyagi has been getting a lot of messages from girls about how the post has been motivating. “This insecurity business is an epidemic and social media is only adding to that. I see so many young girls stuck on one flaw in them and instead of seeing how beautiful they are otherwise. No one is perfect,” she says.

Talking more about her post, Tyagi says she isn’t encouraging people to copy what she did and adds the change should happen in their minds.

“The idea is not to tell people to start roaming around in the street half naked because we do live in a society and eventually we must know what to wear when. You’ve to understand that very thin line. The liberation needs to happen in the brain,” she concludes.

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