‘The hardest thing about acting is…’

‘Kriti tells me to be candid and real, just the way I am at home.’
‘I’ve applied that in my first film just to take that nervousness out of me.’

Her older sister Kriti Sanon is already a star, and Nupur Sanon is steadily making her way up there.

With over 8 million followers on Instagram, she’s getting a lot of attention even before her acting debut.

She first came into the spotlight with B-Praak’s romantic music video Filhaal, which featured her opposite Akshay Kumar.

A film debut was inevitable, but she chose an OTT Web series for her first screen outing.

She takes centrestage in the new comedy show Pop Kaun, starring Saurabh Shukla, Johnny Lever, Rajpal Yadav and Kunal Kemmu.

Nupur tells Mayur Sanap/Rediff.com, “I was always curious about comic acting. Like how do they make those expressions…”

What made you choose the OTT medium for your acting debut?

I didn’t choose the medium.

This was the third project I shot for, and it turned out to be my debut.

I’m glad it happened because OTT has become so huge.

I binge watch on OTT.

For the first time, a comedy show is coming amongst so many shows which are in the thriller or dark space.

Comedy is considered a difficult genre to tackle. Were you nervous about it?

I was very, very, nervous.

There are so many comedy legends in the show and they are so good at their job.

After doing this show, I have realised that comedy is the toughest.

I was always curious about comic acting. Like how do they make those expressions…

I was wondering if I would be able to pull it off.

But working with these people, I feel my potential came out to the fullest. All of them were really very helpful.

Did the experience of making a music video with Akshay Kumar help you to prepare for this role?

The only help I got is that I cried a lot in that and here, I laugh a lot.

I remember how nervous I was on my first day of Filhaal when Akshay sir came and I had my first shot with him.

I was shivering.

I have been his biggest fan!

To be working with him was scary and surreal at the same time.

I felt a similar thing here, but I was more prepared to be able to work alongside so many legends.

As a co-actor, you should be confident and not fan girl while being in character.

Does Kriti have a say in the kind of roles you should do?

Not at all. We have maintained that with each other.

Whenever she has a doubt about a script and wants a second opinion, mom and I are always there. We give her our opinions as audiences.

She does the same to me.

But even if her opinion is opposite to mine, I will listen to my heart.

What’s the best acting advice you received from Kriti?

She always tells me to be yourself.

A little bit of consciousness comes into your performance as a newcomer and sometimes, you tend to do certain things that are superficial. It reflects in your voice when you say your dialogue.

Kriti tells me to be candid and real, just the way I am at home.

I’ve applied that in my first film just to take that nervousness out of me.

What’s the toughest thing about the acting process?

I am still figuring out the acting process. I’m not thorough with it.

But I feel the hardest thing is be able to crack what works for you.

As actors, we have different acting processes. Different things work for different actors.

When I was doing workshops, I made sure that instead of doing a three-year course from one particular person, I do one-two months with different acting coaches — you don’t know what approach and whose process will work for you.

Even now, I don’t know what exactly works for me.

As a newcomer, how do you deal with the attention that’s coming your way?

I’m loving it. But I don’t think it’s so huge that I have to deal with it.

My mother keeps Kriti and me in check if there’s even a slightest difference in our behaviour.

I don’t think there will be any problem in terms of attention getting to me in any way.

Does Kriti being your sister help you to navigate your career ahead in the industry?

I think the only basic help that I could take from her was to ask for someone’s contact number to text them for an audition.

We are not from the industry; our parents are not from the industry. She’s also figuring it out at every step.

She can’t get some producer to produce something for me.

I’ve seen her entire journey from the beginning, and it really inspires me.

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