The Kapil Sharma Show: Neetu Kapoor says she gave up on films as it was ‘chaotic’ to handle Rishi Kapoor, her career

On The Kapil Sharma show, Riddhima and Neetu Kapoor shared secrets about the Kapoors, discussed their 'fake arrogance', and Neetu Kapoor's marriage to Rishi Kapoor and her subsequent 'retirement'.

Veteran actor Neetu Kapoor and her daughter Riddhima Kapoor Sahni appeared as guests on The Kapil Sharma Show on Sunday. The mother-daughter duo shared secrets about the Kapoors, discussed their ‘fake arrogance’, and Neetu Kapoor’s marriage to Rishi Kapoor and her subsequent ‘retirement’. Rishi Kapoor died last year after a long battle with cancer.

This was also Riddhima Kapoor’s debut on The Kapil Sharma Show. Riddhima revealed that Ranbir used to take her things to gift to his girlfriends. “Main London se wapis aayi, holiday ke time, and uski ek friend,” and Neetu interjected, “girlfriend”. She continued, “Uski girlfriend ghar pe aayi. Usne ek top pehana tha aur mujhe laga yeh top nahi mil raha tha (His girlfriend came home one day wearing a top, and I was like I couldn’t find this top). That’s when I got to know he has been taking my clothes and gifting it to her.”

In fact, Riddhima also revealed that her daughter Samara wanted to leak Ranbir’s number in her school. “My daughter wanted to become a captain in the school. She asked me, ‘Should I leak Ranbir’s number to girls? I will get votes.” Obviously, Riddhima didn’t allow her to do that.

In another segment, Kapil asked Neetu about the number of films she did between the 70’s and 80s, she replied, “Yes, I did maximum films between 1973 to 1980, around 70 to 80. I started at 5 and married at 20, it was 15 years of long experience in working. I had nothing against fame because I was a superstar as in when I used to move out from my balcony, there were around 300–400 people standing and cheering baby Sonia. So, to be famous was not a big thing and then Rishi Kapoor came into my life who wanted my time, and due to which it was a bit chaotic to handle both films and Rishi, so I gave up on films.”

Neetu Kapoor also discussed the ‘fake arrogance’ that the Kapoors are said to have. When Kapil questioned Neetu about the famous Kapoor anger, she answered, ““Kapoors ka na ek fake arrogance hai, Kapoor arrogance (Kapoors have fake arrogance). Upar se rubaab, andar se lallu hai (a facade of pride but a fool inside).”

During the course of the conversation, Kapil Sharma revealed that he was once scared of Rishi Kapoor. He and his production team had once extended an invite to him and requested him to bring Neetu Kapoor along. “Rishi sir was going to come, everyone was scared to request Rishi sir to bring Neetu ma’am with him. Production called him as well, ‘Sir, Neetu ji ko bulana hai.’ (He replied) ‘Toh call her, why are you calling me?’ Kapil said. “I called Neetu ma’am at 10 in the night and asked, ‘Ma’am, Rishi ji is not with you no?’ She replied, ‘If my husband isn’t with me at 10 in the night, then where will he be?’”

Recently, Neetu Kapoor celebrated Rishi Kapoor’s birth anniversary with David Dhawan, Shatrughan Sinha and other close friends in a party that included cake, and a cardboard cut-out of Rishi Kapoor.

The Kapil Sharma Show airs on Sony Liv, Mondays at 9:30 pm.

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