The Most Shocking Moments on 'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 3

Yo, yo, yo. The third season of The Handmaid’s Tale is officially here, and if that cliffhanger at the end of season two wasn’t enough to keep you invested in the women of Gilead, IDK what would.

From what it looks like in the trailer, this season will hold even more drama for all parties involved. Where is June’s baby? Is Emily okay? What’s going on with Nick? Do we like or hate the Waterfords now? There are literally so many questions to be asked, and we’re here to help with that, with an episode-by-episode breakdown of the craziest moments of the season.

Let’s get to the goods, shall we? Oh, and if it wasn’t obvious already, there are spoilers from last night’s episode below. If you haven’t watched, GTFO.

Season 3, Episode 1: “Night”

June did A Bad Thing and went to visit her daughter Hannah instead of getting out of Gilead.

And when she, naturally, got caught for doing so, it landed her back at the Waterford’s, where she had to face the repercussions of kidnapping her own daughter. “You’ve killed us all, you realize. When they find out what happened here, we’ll all be on the wall,” Commander Waterford says. Serena, who ended last season making the sacrifice of giving “her” “daughter” away, is now pissed because June gave Nichole to Ofglen/Ofjoseph/Emily.

FWIW, Nick is pissed at Offred/June because he hatched this whole plan to get her to safety and she dipped on it. Offred is eventually tortured for trying to flee.

Emily actually made it to safety…

And to a place we like to call Canada with the baby. The cliffhanger at the very end of season 2 was resolved with the realization that Offred/June literally couldn’t leave Gilead without her daughter Hannah, so that’s why she didn’t get in the truck. That meant Emily had to carry on with Nichole/Holly without her. They both nearly drowned, but it’s all good.

Serena tried to burn down her own home.

And Offred helped her get out, making sure they both lived. The symbolism of the scrabble board, the ceremony bed, and the entire Waterford home burning to the ground felt pretty obvious/bad ass.

Luke and Moira “inherit” June’s baby.

Emily shows up in Canada with the baby, and she gives her to Luke and Moira. Because June kept a picture of Hannah tucked in with Nichole, which meant Luke got a glimpse of his daughter for the first time in literal years. How that picture didn’t get totally destroyed when they both nearly drowned, IDK. TV magic, I guess.

June ends up with a new posting at Commander Lawrence’s house.

Which might mean she gets the same kind of treatment Emily/Ofglen got when she was there (which was relatively good compared to others). TBD.

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