What is Shah Rukh Khan’s next move?

Shah Rukh Khan’s residence Mannat is known to be a beehive of activity at any time of day and night.

But it has been wearing an eerie quietude ever since his son Aryan Khan was arrested during an alleged drug bust.

“It is not just about the bail, it’s more that. Shah Rukh has never felt more cornered and defeated. In fact, he and Gauri are yet to wrap their heads around what has happened. One day Aryan was with them. The next day he is behind bars for breaking narcotics laws,” a close friend of the couple tells Subhash K Jha.

So what is the next move?

“Nothing! They never expected Aryan not to get bail. Now all hopes are pinned on October 20 (Aryan’s next court hearing). Shah Rukh has employed some of the best legal minds to figure a way out. I think there will more legal advisors coming on board.”

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