Blast in Afghanistan’s Ghazni kills 15, injures 20

At least 15 civilians were killed and 20 injured in Ghazni province of Afghanistan when a car full of explosives blasted in one of the houses in the Aghojan area of Gilan district of the province. The explosion took place around 2pm where the Holy Quran was being recited, said the Interior Affairs Ministry’s spokesman Tariq Arian. So far, no group has taken the responsibility for the blast.

“Explosion at the recitation of the Quran. Around 2 o’clock today, a car full of explosives exploded in one of the houses located in Aghojan area of Gilan district of Ghazni, where the recitation of the Holy Quran was taking place. Unfortunately, 15 of our civilian compatriots were martyred and 20 others were injured. We will share the details of the completion later,” tweeted Arian in Pashto.

A similar incident took place in another residential house in Aghojan area of Gilan district of Ghazni province killing four and wounding five on Friday morning. The Interior Affairs Ministry said the explosion took place at the end of the Quran at around 9am, full details to be released later.

The attacks come amidst increasing Taliban-caused violence in the country and in the background of Afghan peace talks.

Earlier in the afternoon, the Taliban destroyed part of roads in Delaram Nimroz district that connects the Herat-Kabul highway. The destruction of public facilities also included the death of innocent Afghans. The Afghan security forces are now on the task of repairing the damage to restore order.

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