Aaron Carter Gets Huge Butterfly Tattooed Over Ex-Fiancee’s Name to Honor Late Sister

Meanwhile, fans are taken aback upon seeing the new ink considering that the singer/rapper once accused her late sister Leslie of raping him when he was a kid.

AceShowbizAaron Carter has decided to permanently erase Melanie Martin from his life. The “I Want Candy” singer recently got a huge butterfly tattooed over his ex-fiancee’s name to honor her late sister Leslie, who died of drug overdose in 2012 at the age of 25.

Sharing a photo of his new ink on Instagram, the musician penned, “Life is such a valuable learning lesson, IF you always it to be that. With that being said, this is my body and this tattoo by @tattoo_mike_13 is to commemorate the passing of of my sister Leslie Barbara Carter.” He added, “she was an amazing my mother and was nothing more than someone I admired.”

“I always wanted to make her proud. Leslie I know your in paradise. I do feel you inside. The things you taught me and your favorite color being blue you were a Gemini and you were fearless,” the younger brother of Nick Carter further explained. “And yes. This is a coverup but I will Laos not allow my face to be with one who clearly hasn’t show she loves me it’s good.”

“My heart heals fast. Anyways. Lol 4 tattoos on my FACE in ONE SITTING ‘Freedom’ ‘Karma’ my butterfly,” the 34-year-old singer/rapper continued. “But most important MY BABY BOY ‘PRINCE’ under my RIGHT EYES! Have a guess day. Xo.”

Fans were taken aback upon seeing the new tat considering that Aaron once accused Leslie of sexual assault. “My sister Leslie suffered from bipolar and took lithium to treat it,” he tweeted in September 2019. “She never liked the way it made her feel and when she was off of it she did things that she never meant to do I truly believe that. I was 10 years old.”

“My sister raped me from the age of 10 to 13 years old when she wasn’t on her medications and I was abused not only sexually by her but by my first two back up dancers when I was 8 years old. And my brother [abused] me my whole life,” he alleged. “I feel cleansed all my truth is out I just need to focus now on my music my career and supporting all victims of abuse and rape.”

The “Dancing with the Stars” alum himself was recently accused of physical abuse by his ex-fiancee Melanie. However, she retracted her allegations, saying, “Just wanted to make a statement I’ve had a bad time with post pardom [sic] depression. Aaron never hit me I was angry because I mad a mistake a bad one… Aaron is definitely NOT a drug abuser.”

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