Bella Thorne and Ex Mod Sun Get into Twitter War After He Joked About Selling Her Stuff

“Didn’t u call the cops on me when I wanted my computer?”

Looks like that amicable break-up… might not have been that amicable.

Bella Thorne and Mod Sun became embroiled in a war of words on Twitter on Wednesday night, right after the rapper (jokingly) told TooFab he was auctioning off her stuff on eBay.

The actress did not see the funny side: "Awww looks like moddy really wants some press. #hungry also didn’t u call the cops on me when I wanted my computer? U pussy."

Mod quickly gave his version of events, labeling his ex untrustworthy.

"Well u came over uninvited. 24 hours after we broke up, Thru the backdoor. I wasn’t at the house to see what u were gonna take + to be honest bella…ur not the most trustworthy person. I’ve also told u 6 times since let’s SWAP each other’s stuff but which u refuse to gather mine."

Mod then attempted to exit the argument, via the highroad: "I’m doing good btw nice to hear from u," he tweeted with a screengrab of their terse exchange.

Some of Bella’s followers didn’t like her getting into the mud; others felt it was justified — like her pal Keke Palmer.

"Is this seriously happening right now? @bellathorne — our worst fear is a clout chasing ass ex. I’m pissed you’re dealing with this," she posted, which Bella retweeted.

See our video below.

Keke also told her to hold her head up high since Bella’s new book — The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray — is now a bestseller… the audio version of which, incidentally, is scored by Mod Sun.

The argument kicked off shortly after we posted our exclusive video with Mod in LA, as he joked about flogging his ex’s things online.

"It’s at the storage unit, the Mod Sun storage unit… I figured if she doesn’t get it soon I’m gonna have a really, really poppin e-Bay site," he laughed.

On a more serious note, he told us that he was now 17 days sober and feeling great for it — and thus would not go back to any of his old habits… including Bella.

The former couple’s heated exchange was a very different tone from when they split six weeks ago after a year of dating.

"I will always love you," Bella shared, with a pic of them together. "All good things must come to an end."

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