Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli’s mother praises actress’ game; says, ‘I am just loving her game, she is raw and real’

Nikki Tamboli has been one of the strongest contestants of Bigg Boss 14, who entertained us with her cute antics and also performed well in tasks, is garnering praises for her game plan. While even Salman Khan lauded her for her stint, Nikki’s mom Pramila Tamboli said that she is loving her game and added that she is raw and real in the house. Talking to E Times, Pramila said, “I am just loving her game. She is being herself as it is, there’s no second opinion about it. Whatever she has said she has done that since day 1, she’s just being herself. People say that she is being what she is for the game but for the truth of the matter is she is like this in real life too. She is what she is. raw and real.”

In the latest episode of the controversial reality show, we saw Nikki Tamboli and Rahul Vaidya engaging in a verbal spat and accusing each other. While Nikki tells Rahul, “You have proved yourself as a loser in this show.” he replies, “You are such a shallow person.” She tells other contestants, “You know Rahul would flirt with my PR. What do I even say! I have all the messages and screenshots. He would send me songs and voices and conveniently would take back his words saying it’s for someone else.” To which the singer responds, “And the same PR was after me to pitch us as a couple. I know which PR you are talking about. The PR would approach me for us to work on a project together.”

After the task gets over, Nikki tells Eijaz Khan and Abhinav Shukla, “I know Rahul. Whenever I would take his name anywhere, people would say ‘Arre that chhapri, tharki’. Rahul is known for all these and this is his identity outside.” Eijaz also shouts on Rahul for disrespecting Rubina and says, “There’s a lot of difference. Tu gandi baat bolna shuru karta hai. Teri shaadi hogi kal and Abhinav has lot of patience that he is listening and tolerating you. You are speaking about his wife. Had I been in his place I wouldn’t have. It doesn’t sound right, brother.”

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