Bigg Boss 14: Producer Sandiip Sikcand wants Kavita Kaushik to be THROWN OUT; calls her insecure, obnoxious, pathetic

Bigg Boss 14’s wild card contestant Kavita Kaushik has been the most talked about contestant right now but for all wrong reasons. She entered as a wild card along with Shardul Pandit and Naina Singh. Kavita Kaushik’s entry performance and her interactions with Salman Khan made us believe that she would be an entertaining person. Many even thought that Kavita Kaushik would bring some changes in the house and make the game interesting. Eijaz Khan who was already inside the house was happy that someone who is close to him will be entering now. She also became the captain of the house when she entered the house but in that week itself, she lost control. She was irritated with Eijaz Khan and spoke disrespectfully with him. She abused and used dirty words. She also pushed him during that fight and her aggressive behaviour was not appreciated by the audience. Hence she was eliminated within a week but was again brought back.

Even after she has returned, her fight with Eijaz Khan has not stopped. Eijaz Khan’s friend and Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum producer Sandiip Sikcand has been rooting for him. He took to Twitter to bash Kavita for her behaviour. For the unversed, Sandiip Sikcand was a programming head when Bigg Boss was first adapted from Big Brother and played a major role in the success of the first season. This time, he has given some really bold statements about the show. He is not happy with Kavita Kaushik’s behaviour. He did not like the way she pushed Eijaz and she was let go with a warning. Sandiip Sikcand posted a series of tweets expressing his anger. He wrote, “Please please please THROW #KavitaKaushik OUT of the house. She is insecure, obnoxious, pathetic, disgusting and annoying !! THROW HER OUT !!! #BB14 #BiggBoss #colorsTV #SalmanKhan #BiggBoss2020′.”

Sandiip Sikcand also reacted to Kavita speaking about doing FIR for nine years. He said, “9 saal show chalati hoon”… come out of the past #KavitaKaushik … vo time gaya vo waqt gaya !! Live in the present… #BB14 #BiggBoss #colorsTV #SalmanKhan #BiggBoss2020′.”

Recently, Kavita Kaushik had also said that Salman Khan does not want to listen to her story. Sandiip Sikcand also to a dig at this statement of Kavita. He said, “#KavitaKaushik has a problem with the show, with the contestants and with #SalmanKhan too !! So why the hell did she come back to the show ?? Guys PLEASE THROW HER OUT !! She is the worst member ever in BIGG BOSS !! #BB14 #BiggBoss #colorsTV #SalmanKhan #BiggBoss2020”

Well, it seems Kavita Kaushik is getting too many haters for her behaviour.

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