Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23 May 2019 written update of full episode: Guddan and Akshat find a clue about the person who tried to kill Durga | Bollywood Life

In the last episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega we saw Guddan tries to be a strict mother in law to her daughter in laws. Mean while Akshat finds a video footage which can prove Guddan innocent and find the real culprit who tried to kill Durga. They both see a woman in the video wearing a saree.

Today’s episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega begins with Guddan and Akshat watching the video footage Akshat has found. Guddan sees a woman in the video and asks Akshat to rewind. Guddan then says that this is the video of the day when someone had tried to kill Durga. She wonders who is the woman who is wearing her clothes and tells Akshat that she is not the one who is in the video. Akshat tells her that he knows that Guddan is innocent. Akshat tells her that due to darkness we cannot see the person in the video clearly but they both manage to see the saree the person is wearing in the video. Suddenly a pot falls down and Guddan and Akshat move to see who is there who dropped the pot. They reach and see the pot fallen and Akshat tells Guddan that maybe it has fallen due to air. Guddan tells Akshat that she also wants to help him find the culprit but Akshat disagrees and tells her that he doesn’t want Guddan to take any more tensions. He asks Guddan to trust him and he will find the real culprit. Akshat leaves while Guddan keeps thinking how will everything take place and is frustrated over acting to be a strict mother-in-law.

On the other hand Saru and Durga keep completing their punishment given to them by Guddan. He struggle to grind 10kgs of wheat grains. Durga and Saru complain about being tired and how Guddan is being strict on them when Bua comes in and screams at the both. She threatens them and says that they have to listen to Guddan and complete the punishment so that Guddan can no longer taunt Bua for her way of handling things. Bua tells them that now because of them she doesn’t want to hear any of Guddan’s taunts. She tells them to complete the task before 6pm as instructed by Guddan. Durga and Saru tell bua that they are trying hard but it is so difficult to do this task. Bua asks them to complete it anyhow. Meanwhile Guddan comes with daadi and Laxmi. She asks Laxmi to check how much work have Durga and Saru completed. Laxmi informs Guddan that in two hours, Durga and Saru have grinded only half sack of wheat grains and now they have to complete the rest in just four hours. Guddan then orders the servants to bring in two more sacks of wheat grains and informs everyone that if Durga and Saru fail to complete the task before 6pm then they will have to grind more two sacks as another punishment. Everyone is shocked at this and Durga screams at Guddan saying that she cannot do this to them when Guddan tells her to behave well and taunts bua of her teachings to her daughter-in-laws. She threatens Durga and Saru that if they do not listen to her then she will add another sack of wheat and also that by not listening to her they are disrespecting bua’s teachings. Guddan leaves and Bua starts shouting at Durga and Saru. She tells them that because of them Guddan gets a chance to prove her thinking wrong always. She asks them to complete the task at any cost. Saru complains that how will we two complete so much work when bua shouts at her and ask her to sit and complete her work. She tells them that with such useless daughter-in-laws a mother-in-law also has to work and joins them in grinding the wheat grains. Guddan, daadi and Laxmi watch the three completing the task and Guddan is happy that bua is helping Durga and Saru. Guddan tells daadi that this is their first step towards their friendship. She says bua will soon realise that it is not necessary to always be strict with the daughter-in-laws and being friends with them can help them complete any task easily. Daadi tells Guddan that her way of handling situations is crazy but is getting good results. Daadi and Laxmi leave but Guddan stays back thinking that like her even Akshat should be successful in his task of finding the culprit.

Meanwhile we see someone burning the same saree Guddan and Akshat have seen in the video but the face of the persons isn’t revealed. On the other hand Revati’s mother Kaushaliya gives her milk as she is not well but Revati refuses to have it. Meanwhile Angad comes and asks Revati about how she is. Revati’s mom tells Angad to please make sure that Revati drinks the milk as she has to go out to the store. Angad sits besides Revati and asks her to drink the milk for the sake of their friendship. Revati refuses but Angad tells her that if she doesn’t drink the milk then he will end their friendship. Revati drinks the milk and says that she will never let their friendship end. Perv comes and breaks glass Angad is holding. He screams and asks what is happening here. He shouts at Angad and says that first he was behind Guddan and now here. Angad explains him that there is nothing of this sort and Revati and him are just friends. Perv asks him to stop acting and not to fool him. He tries to hurt Angad when Revati says that yes they are more than just friends. She removes Perv’s hand from Angad’s shoulders and holds Angad’s hand and says I love you. Perv is shocked and Revati asks Angad whether he also likes her. Angad says yes he likes her but could not tell her the truth as he did not have the courage to speak up. Hearing this Perv leaves in anger.

On the other hand Guddan comes to see her daughter-in-laws and finds them sleeping with bua while grinding the wheat grains. She makes some noise and all wake up. Bua is tensed and shouts at Durga and Saru for sleeping and tells them that she helped them that doesn’t mean that they will fall asleep with her. She shouts at them for not completing the task. Guddan tells bua that you all have completed the task by grinding two sacks of wheat. She tells them that they worked as a team and as friends. Durga , Saru and bua hug eachother in happiness and Guddan leaves. Guddan, Laxmi and daadi come out when Laxmi tells Guddan that you did it for them and Guddan says that yes she did that because she felt bad seeing them tired and helped them when they were asleep. She says she was happy to see them hug eachother when they completed the task and this is the beginning of friendship between them. If they continue to work this way they will realise that how important their relations are.

Meanwhile at night Guddan sees Akshat worried about something. She tells him that she was really happy today seeing bua, Durga and Saru hug eachother and that they will be friends once. Akshat tells her hope he also succeeds like Guddan in his task to find the culprit. Guddan assures him that he will find the culprit soon and succeed. Guddan flips a blanket which them falls upon Guddan and Akshat and they get engrossed in eachother’s eyes. Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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