How to Flirt With Confidence: 6 Tips

Paying careful attention to what your partner is saying and participating in the conversation, suggests Sybil Shiddell, country manager-India for Gleeden, a discreet extra marital dating Web site.

Flirting is one of the most innocent and exciting parts of a relationship.

It is these small moments that keep things heated and the chemistry between partners is always electrified.

Although developing good flirting skills takes time and experience, doing it in the right amount and in the right way is extremely important, or else things can go down south pretty soon.

In my personal opinion, flirting is not as complicated as it may appear to some.

In fact, it’s all about being natural and lovable to your partner. However, the style of flirting drastically varies depending on the relationship.

While casual relationships may include massive flirting, people who are looking for a serious, long-term relationship generally tend to take things slowly and flirting evolves with time.

Irrespective, some rules remain the same.

1. Have fun with confidence

Beginner or Pro, flirting is a guaranteed way to have a fun, playful time together and it is only with confidence that one can enjoy this to the fullest.

Being confident about yourself and the way you carry yourself in a relationship plays a huge role when comes to showering love, flirting, teasing or just adorably fooling around.

If this is something that is difficult for you, start small.

2. Eye contact for the win

Never ignore the power of eye contact.

There is something absolutely electrifying and powerful about how our eyes communicate that deeply impacts the other person.

However, one should know how to do this well.

Too much eye contact can become intimidating and uncomfortable while very little or none may bring a disconnect.

So ensure that you make and break eye contact are regular intervals to show the person that you are really into them.

3. Smile and be interested in conversing with them

One of the most attractive gestures is paying careful attention to what your partner is saying and participating in the conversation.

Remember to participate but do not overrule what they are trying to say.

You want to let them know that you really value their opinions.

Pick up on small things they mention, maybe add a little humour to that and make them feel seen, heard and loved. This will build a lasting impression.

4. Subtle and respectful physical touch

Okay, flirting through physical touch is something that needs careful attention and execution.

If you are a beginner and are not completely confident, I would highly suggest avoiding this. But, if you feel you can pull this off respectfully, then a subtle physical touch holds the power to add immense chemistry.

If you are a man, offering your hand while coming down the stairs or the classic move of subtly tucking your partner’s hair back are gentle ways of flirting.

For women, a soft arm touch to appreciate your partner can do wonders.

However, one should never cross boundaries and refrain from doing anything that makes your partner feel uncomfortable. So, in case you do want to pull this off, remember to be fully respectful.

5. Allow them to get to know you

Naturally, sharing details about your life, experiences, everything you love, and the things that spark your passion build an emotional ad intimate connection with a person.

They get to see your inner side, which probably only a few people know and it helps develop a sense of trust and understanding.

Additionally, a dash of humour and the ability to laugh at yourself always helps and is a guaranteed way to flirt.

Follow this up with questions on what you want to know about your partner and let them open up too.

Please make sure it is in the right amount so you do not start looking like a spy.

6. Tease or flirt on texts

Leaving the easiest for the last.

Flirting on text is probably the smoothest way to welcome those little love butterflies.

There is enough suspense and equal stimulation between the back-and-forth of fun conversations.

Text messages give you the time to think and come back with playful responses while also adding to your confidence of not being physically present.

A pro tip here is to use GIFs (graphics and animation), emojis and snaps to add up to the excitement.

And, while you do all things nice, remember to also observe how your partner is responding.

If their responses are dry, slow or you are getting super late replies (unless they are genuinely busy) know when to pull back and stop.

Do not force conversations; else it’s only going to be you talking in the void.

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