Kawach 2 – 9 June 2019 written update of full episode: Sandhya gets married to Kapil in a shocking turn of events but he is the evil spirit | Bollywood Life

After seing Angad and Nisha in a compromising position on a bed, Sandhya storms out of the room and the door shuts itself. She steps out of the house to head to the Shiv temple. This was what happened in yesterday’s episode. In today’s episode, the evil spirit leaves the body of the maid but not before slaying her. The coconut at the entrance falls off and Sandhya meanwhile reaches the temple. Sandhya delves into a monolgue where she questions Shivji on the authenticity of the myth about the temple revealing one’s true soulmate.

As she waits for Angad to arrive, to question him about his loyalty, miraculously but not surprisingly, Kapil reaches the temple first. He says he came to see if Angad really comes to the temple and confess his love for her yet again. He tells her that it is Shivji who gets him to her every time. After a lot of arguments where Kapil tries his best to convince her that they are soulmates and not Angad and her, Sandhya runs away and falls into a quick sand puddle. Kapil yet again manages to save her life. He manages to pull Sandhya out of it with the help of a branch. But they end up being tied up together in floral branches like a garland and Kapil’s blood from his hand also ends up being filled up in Sandhya’s forehead. They even end up taking the pheras in front of a burning fire, basically taking the vows of marriage.

Back home, Sandhya’s aji, mother and kaki realise that Angad and Sandhya are not on the terrace. Angad, who was stuck in the room, is freed by someone. Shockingly, Kapil hugs her and an evil gleam shows up in his eyes. That of the evil spirit! This is where things start changing. Kapil’s evil side as the bad spirit starts showing up more often.

Angad realises Sandhya has gone to the temple and that she might be in trouble. Despite the ladies of the house stopping him, Angad heads to the temple. Meanwhile, Kapil and Sandhya find a hut to take shelter in the pouring rains. On the other hand, Angad finds her anklet that proves that she was around the temple. All the cousins and friends spread out to look for Sandhya around the place.

Kapil gets her inside the hut as her foot is injured by a broken glass on earth. This was intentionally done by the spirit. He plans to avenge his 2 year wait and cause a lot of hurt to Sandhya as the other evil spirit lurks in a corner behind a curtain. Sandhya now changes into a sensuous blue saree and Kapil plans to make love to her with obvious evil intentions.

Meanwhile, Baba comes to Sandhya’s house and asks to be escorted to Sandhya’s room. He finds the mangalsutra and concludes that it is the root cause of all evil as it posses the evil spirit. He performs poojas on it to sanitise it and claims that there are 2 spirits that want to harm Sandhya. He performs a havan to see the face of the evil spirits. He sees Kapil and says that one of the spirits is with Sandhya and going to hurt her by mating with her. Sandhya, back in the hut, who is uselessly trying to break away and get back home but Kapil manages to shut her up. Will they unite to consummate their unusual wedding?


In the next episode’s preview, Sandhya is seen being introduced to the real Kapil by Angad. He looks nothing like the one Sandhya had seen in the temple or had been meeting the past few days. Sandhya faints at his sight and is later seen possessed and recreating the Exorcist stance where she is upside down, on all fours, just like the spider walk from the 1973 film.

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