Kundali Bhagya 4 June 2019 written update of full episode: Preeta shoots kidnappers | Bollywood Life

In the last episode Rakhi threatens to kill herself if Rishabh doesn’t marry Sherlyn. Later at the mandap, Rakhi cannot find her mangalsutra. She assumes Rishabh or Karan stole it to stop the wedding. Rakhi’s purse falls but doesn’t blast. Sherlyn understands that something is wrong. Prithvi informs her that Preeta has escaped. Hearing this, Sherlyn orders for Sarla to be killed. Preeta reaches the kidnappers den and finds her mother there. Tonight’s episode starts with Rakhi tells her husband that she is disappointed by Rishabh and Karan’s behaviour. Rishabh’s father knows he has feelings for Preeta but to please his mother he is marrying Sherlyn. He doesn’t explain this to Rakhi just asks her to be confident that Rishabh will complete the marriage.

Sherlyn convinces Prithvi that he should kill Preeta (Shraddha Arya) too. Kareena shows up and takes Sherlyn to the mandap. Prithvi then decides to not kill Preeta but get her kidnapped too when she goes to rescue her mom. However, Rishabh’s father sees him trying to leave the wedding and stops him from going anywhere. Preeta meanwhile looks for her mother in the kidnapper’s den. She hears a gunshot and follows the voice. She sees the gang leader ready to shoot Sarla. Preeta attacks the kidnapper from behind. However, she too gets captured in the process. Before becoming their prisoner, Preeta manages to get her hands on a gun.

The kidnappers taunt Preeta saying she won’t shoot but she ends up shooting the gang leader in the shoulder. Preeta drops the gun in shock and the other kidnappers attack her. Sarla grabs hold of a gun and shoots at the kidnappers while they run away. The police show up and find Preeta unconscious while Sarla is crying for help. Rakhi ties Sherlyn’s pallu and Rishabh’s sari. She is sure that the marriage will happen that night itself. The pandit goes through the marriage rituals. He asks Rishabh to put sindoor on Sherlyn’s forehead. However, Rishabh stops from doing so. Will he accept Sherlyn as his wife? Stay tuned to find out.

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