Lady Gaga Nearly Falls Off Giant Robot Prop During Las Vegas Residency — Watch

If it weren’t for two quick-thinking backup dancers, Lady Gaga would’ve probably face planted on her Las Vegas stage! The pop star slipped right off a giant, fire-breathing robot.

Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” nearly slipped when she also slid off a robotic prop during her Las Vegas residency show on May 30. This robot was no WALL-E — it was gigantic, had claws, and spewed fire and steam. Mother Monster climbed on board the creature, clad in a futuristic suit herself, for a performance of her 2011 hit “Judas.” After delivering the open lines, Gaga, 33, took hold of her backup dancers’ hands to disembark the robot but had a tumble. Lucky for Gaga, her backup dancers’ reflexes were quick enough to keep the pop star from stopping the show mid-chorus.

Rather than laughing at the on-stage faux pas, fans were sighing in relief that Gaga didn’t hurt her bones. She had broken her hip and left a hole in the area amid the Born This Way world tour in 2013. The injury forced her to cancel the remaining shows to undergo hip surgery, and Gaga’s Little Monsters weren’t ready for a repeat. “Am glad they caught her. Hope her hip ok. Love u @ladygaga,” one fan tweeted after watching the video below, while another fan wrote, “lord helped her hip to not pop off again.”

Aside from Gaga’s hip, it was especially important that Gaga didn’t faceplant that Thursday night — it was an important date! She launched the Haus of Gaga/Las Vegas exhibit at the Park MGM on May 30, which gives visitors a blast to the past of her most legendary outfits over the past decade.

Casi se nos cae Lady Gaga hoy!!! ? #gagavegas #ENIGMA

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Gaga’s Enigma residency kicked off in Dec. 2018, and she’s now performing her second leg of shows after a break between February and May. The “robot” you see above has been the talk of Twitter, but it’s actually a massive puppet maneuvered by Gaga’s backup dancers!

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