Larissa Lima: If You Hate Me for Doing OnlyFans, F–k Off Already!!

While once again feuding with Evelin Villegas, Larissa Lima also had a lot to say about her new career.

Any weirdo prudes who don’t approve of her OnlyFans can unfollow and f–k right off.

This week, Larissa took to her Instagram Stories to put Evelin Villegas on blast.

Over a year ago, Larissa and Corey Rathgeber had an uneventful meet-up in Vegas and snapped a selfie.

At the time, Corey and Evelin appeared to not be together. Nonetheless, Larissa and Evelin went to war for weeks.

During the process, Larissa called Evelin “this piece of s–t who doesn’t sell many OnlyFans.”

She said that Evelin’s OnlyFans was “the most boring,” referring to Evelin’s relatively tame content.

Notably, Larissa herself is not doing nudity or anything sexually explicit on her OnlyFans.

“Stop, bitch. I did not sleep with your man, I have a man with a huge dick,” Larissa said, referring to Eric Nichols.

She also instructed Evelin to “stop bashing women.”

Later in the video, Larissa got even more personal.

She says that, according to what she learned (including talking to Corey that time that they met), Evelin boned another dude while the dog she shares with Corey was present.

“She f–king another man,” Larissa cited in the video, all while the couple’s “doggy was watching.”

“So,” she continued, “who is she to tell me s–t about CamSoda, about what I did?”

“Go to hell, girl,” Larissa told Evelin.

“Leave the women alone,” she instructed, suggesting that Evelin instead “fight with your man.”

Like 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, it is heartbreaking to see these two women fight. They do not have to be enemies.

Larissa also took her own “fans” … well, commenters on her Instagram … to task recently for a flood of trolling.

“My page has nothing to do with 90 Day, as I am no longer a cast member of the franchise,” Larissa pointed out.

“For the two years I was on the show,” she lamented, “I had been bullied, harrassed, and threatened.”

“Now that I am emancipated and independent,” Larissa said, “I make decisions for myself, including how I choose to earn money.”

“I will not tolerate any more bullying,” she affirmed.

“My target audience is now all adult,” Larissa explained, “because my main focus is Onlyfans.”

“It is for my Onlyfans that I will post any related content on my IG,” she continued.

“To the adult women continuously bashing me on their authentic or cowardly fake accounts,” Larissa wrote, “unfollow please.”

She noted: “I am here, I am working, and I am paying a lot of taxes.”

“None of you people with your loathing comments and messages have the right to judge me,” Larissa noted.

“You don’t like me? Great, the feeling is mutual,” she memorably declared.

Larissa then suggested: “How about you stop making the conscious decision to look on my page?”

“Just unfollow, or even better, just block me if I offend your wholesome values,” Larissa said.

She asked: “Do not bully my friends or my fans. That is so pathetic to do, and its not making me go away.”

“You online bullies are playing with fire, and one day a person will be pushed over the edge,” Larissa worried. “This level of virtual harassment is completely out of control.”

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