Mark Wright hints he’s The Masked Singer’s Doughnut after ITV show’s return

Mark Wright dropped a heavy hint on Twitter that he might be the face behind The Masked Singer’s Doughnut after Saturday night’s episode left fans in a quandary.

The 34-year-old posted an emoji of the sweet treat on his social media page following Doughnut’s performance of Eye of the Tiger.

"Is that a hint that you could be doughnut?" one person asked in the comments.

“No way!” A second fan responded, while a third added: “You big tease, Mark!”

While some fans were excited at the prospect of Mark being The Masked Singer’s Doughnut, others weren’t convinced and believed that the TV presenter was trying to distract viewers from the star who is really behind the mask – his wife Michelle Keegan.

"Don't think you're the doughnut but I think your wife is the firework,” a follower wrote.

"Michelle Keegan is definitely Firework – bonus point if you are doughnut,” agreed a second fan.

Guesses that Michelle might be Firework on the show came after the masked character described themselves as stylish and someone who liked to make people smile, all in a northern accent.

Another reason some people were not be persuaded by Mark’s tweet is because they think ex footballer Michael Owen is more likely to be behind the mask.

The animated dessert wasn't much of a singer and told judges before stepping onto the stage that they are more into sports and fast on their feet.

Michael was famous for being a quick-footed player and so this clue – along with the Doughnut’s link to crisps hinting at Michael’s past advertisements with Walkers – has “100%” made the mind up of some viewers that he is in fact the sweet treat.

“Not Gary Linekar but scouse, advertised crisps, Michael Owen. #MaskedSinger,” one fan said on Twitter.

"Michael Owen Is Doughnuts!!" wrote a second person, as another jumped on the bandwagon saying: "Guessed Michael Owen and I have no clue about football and then I saw everyone on the hashtag saying the same."

The Masked Singer returned on 1 January and unveiled singer Heather Smalls as the first celebrity contestant behind a mask, performing as the Chandelier.

As the new series plays out over the next few weeks, viewers will get a chance to see who the famous face really is behind Doughnut, but for now, audiences will have to wait and see.

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