Saturday Kitchen host Matt Tebbutt talks ‘fear’ over Naga Munchetty

Naga silences Matt Tebbutt's opinion on the football

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Saturday Kitchen favourite Matt Tebbutt has been entertaining viewers with his culinary dishes since he first appeared on the series back in 2009. The TV chef, who also hosts Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped, opened up about his relationship with BBC Breakfast’s  Naga Munchetty, 47, who often can’t help but jibe with the presenter from time to time.

Similar to his BBC colleague, Matt who is also a loving cat owner, discussed teaming up with pet food brand ACANA, before he dished on the BBC Breakfast host.

Naga often introduces Matt ahead of his Saturday show but the chef admitted he is never too sure where the conversation is going to go.

He joked: “She puts the fear of god into me. Of all the 90 minutes, that’s the one I just don’t know where it’s going to go.”

Matt went on to share the pair have a great working relationship despite their cheeky back and forth banter.

The TV chef continued: “I love Naga. I love her brand of humour. It’s old school. Almost like playground humour. I kind of like that.

“It’s spiky, a bit edgy. It’s very funny. It’s just so random but we get on very well.”

He remarked: “It’s so left field. You don’t know what is going to come next. Some people look at it and love it while others don’t know how to take it.

“But it’s done in absolute joy and jest.”

Matt added: “I fear it and I love it at the same time.”

Naga joined Matt on Saturday Kitchen and viewers got a chance to see their on-screen banter for themselves last year.

The BBC host and her co-star Charlie Stayt were guests on Matt’s show but their cheeky jibes at the presenter sparked concern among some viewers.

Matt took it in good humour and after the show reshared an Instagram post from chef Tom Elworthy with the hashtag #GiveTebbuttABreak.


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Alongside his cooking show, the TV chef has teamed up with ACANA to educate pet owners about the nutritional benefits of introducing a diverse diet to our feline friends.

Matt, who is the proud owner of cats Mr Boots and Miss Minnie, has addressed the benefits of quality pet food for our feline friends.

For the Channel 4 show, Food Unwrapped, the chef had previously delved into the process of making pet food and soon decided to partner with ACANA.

He continued: “I was astounded by the quality of this pet food. A lot of [the food] is totally fit for human consumption.

“It’s then turned into top quality pet food. I wasn’t expecting that at all.”

He added: “It was vegetables – things that you don’t associate with pet food and feeding your animals.”

ACANA uses ingredients that are sustainable and harvested by regional suppliers, delivered to their award-winning kitchen, fresh or raw.

The food is carefully made from start to finish in their kitchen.

Speaking about ACANA’s work, Matt shared: “I believe people would be interested in knowing about the quality foods that go into their pet’s dishes.”

Matt Tebbutt is working with ACANA Petfoods to educate fellow cat owners on the importance of feeding your feline friend a diverse and well-rounded diet – featuring a variety of different textures and flavours, which can be done using the high-quality and biologically appropriate recipes found within the ACANA range.

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