Amid rising Covid-19 cases, lockdown imposed in Jodhpur

Amid the rising number of Covid-19 cases in Jodhpur, the district administration has imposed a lockdown, which will remain in force for the next three days.

According to orders released by the district administration, the lockdown has come in effect from 10pm Friday and will remain in force till 5am Monday. The lockdown will extend to 20 villages located on Jodhpur’s periphery.

There will be prohibition on all activities except emergency services.

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“The decision was taken in view of the rising number of cases. People are not following the guidelines such as wearing mask and social distancing. Till the time a vaccine is developed, wearing mask and distancing is the only precaution,” said a district administrative official.

A total of 22, 692 cases have been reported so far from Jodhpur. On Friday also, 630 cases were reported from Jodhpur, the highest so far.

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