428 cases filed for not adhering to time slots

Police teams monitored bursting of crackers in various areas

The city police have booked 428 cases against people for bursting crackers beyond the stipulated timings.

Following a Supreme Court order, the Tamil Nadu government fixed time slots for residents to burst crackers during Deepavali: between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. and from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Police inspectors monitored compliance of the order in their regions. Cases were booked against violators.

The west zone, comprising the Anna Nagar, Ambattur and Pulianthope police districts, accounted for the highest number of 239 cases. It was followed by the south zone with 95 cases, the east zone with 57 cases and the north zone with 37 cases. The violators were booked under Section 285 (negligent conduct with respect to fire or combustible matter) of the Indian Penal Code and provisions of the City Police Act. Fines were collected, a senior police officer said.

Child dies

An accident caused by the bursting of firecrackers resulted in the death of a child in Chennai. One child was critically injured and is undergoing treatment at the Government Kilapuk Medical College Hospital.

On Saturday and Sunday, the hospital treated 14 persons in the outpatient department.

U. Sri Vignesh, from Thirumazhisai, injured his right hand when he tried to examine a cracker that had not burst. “I bought him a box of firecrackers. Yesterday [on Saturday], he was lighting them, and one of them did not go off. So he picked it up. But it burst all of a sudden, injuring his right hand,” said his father Uthamaraj, a casual labourer.

“We immediately took him to the health centre in our locality. The authorities there referred us to a private hospital. At the hospital, doctors examined his injury and said any procedure could be done only on Monday. We did not want to wait so long and on the advice of my brother, I went to Kilpauk Medical College,” Mr. Uthamaraj said.

At Kilpauk Medical College, an X-ray was taken and Sri Vignesh’s injury was cleaned and bandaged. “The doctor told us to monitor the hand. A portion of the finger has been left open. If it turns black, doctors will amputate it,” Mr. Uthamaraj said. The boy has been asked to return on Tuesday for further procedure.

An 18-month-old child sustained burns in multiple parts. A 40-year-old woman was injured when she tried to push away a ‘zamin chakkar’ with her hand just after it burnt out.

599 cases in districts

As many as 599 cases were booked in other districts and cities, according to a release from the office of the Director-General of Police.

In Madurai city, 154 cases were booked, while 41 cases were booked in Tiruppur. Kancheepuram district had 115 cases, and Tiruvallur district had 270 cases in the north police zone.

Over 142 cases were booked in Thoothukudi and Dindigul districts in the south police zone.

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