Actor Sunil's political entry with pawan kalyan ?

Tollywood actor Sunil recently got a blockbuster hit with ‘Pushpa‘. He is currently starring in the movie ‘Pushpa 2’. The news came that the sunil is about to enter politics on behalf of Pawan Kalyan’s political party. Sunil was born and raised in Bhimavaram. He has a good following there. So, News is circulating on social media that Sunil is going to contest from Bhimavaram area where Pawan lost. With this, evryone thought it was Sunil certain to enter politics.

Sunil has recently clarified this matter. He said that he did not have a touch on politics. He said that he was not a suitable person for politics. But He likes Pawan Kalyan very much.. He says he is very close to him. Sunil said that he really wanted to take himself into the party but I did not like it. He said that we have a large population and the funds are not big. He said that justice cannot be done to everyone with these funds.

If someone feel that justice will not be done. We cannot satisfy everyone in this process. Brother Chiranjeevi and Kalyan both said that they are ready to encourage.. but if we come we should be clap and whistle.. when there is no such situation it will be sad. That is why I clarified that the same even when Kalyan asked.

I will definitely do anything when I can do it on my own to Kalyan personally.. But he said it was not in political. According to Sunil words, it is clear that he is not interested in politics anymore.

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