Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Ravi big fight with Kajal

The latest episode of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 5 Telugu started with Priya’s team winning the captaincy task. She became the latest captain of the house. Sunny was visibly displeased with their win. Priyanka  Singh brought Manas dinner but she refused to accept adding that he did not wish to invite any drama over it from the rest of the housemate.

He asked Priyanka  Singh not to take care of him anymore. The contestant anchor Ravi is playing a cleave game in Bigg Boss house. When one of the housemates spoke about Kajal’s determination,  Anchor Ravi said Kajal is not into any group or will get emotional or frustrated. He further said that Kajal will not let anyone take a toll on her and she  is playing a clever game.

On the otherside, contestants had to choose the worst housemate for the week and put him or her in jail.  Jaswant nominated playback singer Sreerama Chandra over an argument in the kitchen. Sweta nominated Kajal, Shanmukh nominated Vishwa saying that latter outburst in a previous task was unwarranted for. Anee voted for contestant Kajal saying she does not get the positive vibe from her. Housemate Lobo nominated Kajal saying that she betrayed Ravi in the coin task.

Ravi also  nominated Kajal saying that he did not like her getting physically aggressive in the task.  Both Kajal and Ravi have been getting into big fights on this show.

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