Carrier has introduced India’s first 4 IN 1 Inverter AC with Flexi Cool Hybridjet technology

The sweltering heat in the summer will no longer burn a big hole in your pocket. Carrier’s Inverter AC with flexi-cool technology offers best-in-class cooling, helping you to maintain the required temperature in your room.

On July 17, 1902, Willis Haviland Carrier designed the first modern air-conditioning system that also gave rise to numerous industries that power our economies today. The shopping malls, theaters, transatlantic flight or even computers and servers that power the internet; none of them would have existed had it not been for Willis Carrier who brought real comfort to the world. Besides giving us a precise mechanism for controlling temperature, the company over a span of more than a hundred years has continued to re-invent the industry with energy-efficient products and manufacturing practices. It magnificently lives on the ‘first-ever’ legacy by promising comfort through energy-efficient and sustainable innovations.

India’s first 4 in 1 inverter AC with Flexi Cool Hybridjet technology

If you are thinking of buying an air conditioner, the latest and most efficient replacement should be India’s first 4 in 1 Inverter AC with Flexi Cool Hybridjet technology.

HYBRIDJET- a revolutionary cooling technology uses a combination of air and refrigerant to cool your home like never before. Owing to the soaring energy consumption rates, Carrier’s new age technology- India’s first 4 in 1 inverter AC with FLEXICOOL HYBRIDJET technology allows you to control your AC with the touch of a button. The new Carrier AC offers four options for operating cooling capacity- free running, Hot (100%), Moderate warm (75%) or comfortable (50%) which allows you to adjust the energy consumption of the AC, thereby reducing the electricity bill basis your cooling requirements and weather conditions. We now have a system that gives us the liberty to make a flexible choice between energy sources based on our demand situation and energy pricing plans. Providing a wide range of advantages over conventional Ac’s, Carrier inverters are designed in a way that provides efficient and customized air conditioning without costing you a fortune. The Carrier inverter AC’s are packed with advanced features that enable the AC’s to automatically adjust the capacity based on the requirement, drawing lesser power and consuming lesser units of electricity.

The AC’s are equipped with some outstanding features that make them give a tough fight to the other competing brands.

Wifi and Voice Controlled AC: Carrier’s Smart home AC series are wifi enabled and can be controlled with the Carrier App. Smart home series of AC’s are also voice control enabled and can be managed through Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Follow Me: Modern Carrier AC’s come with a smart Follow me feature wherein a sensor is placed inside the remote. When this feature is activated, the room sensor of the air conditioner takes a back seat as the in-built room sensor that is placed within the remote control gets activated. This allows the air conditioner to adjust the ambient temperature around the remote control.

Sleep Mode: This function automatically increases the temperature by 1°C per hour for the first two hours, then holds steady for the next six hours, and then finally switches off the AC. As a result, this energy saving mode gives you a comfortable 8 hour sleep.

The Refrigerant Leakage Detector is an early warning system that detects refrigerant leakage and immediately turns off the AC while simultaneously displaying the relevant error code on the indoor unit.

The FLEXICOOL technology is all about High efficiency, affordable prices and a sustainable living

The newly designed hybrid technology helps in improving the product performance even at a high ambient temperature. The cutting-edge technology gives consumers a satisfaction of uninterrupted cooling. The low voltage is no longer an issue. Additionally, they are designed in a way that helps reduce the temperature more efficiently. The powerful and durable designs ensure better performance and fast indoor cooling. A stabilizer free operation between 150V and 280V even at high temperatures is an added advantage.

One of the unique features of Hybrid air conditioning system is its ability to prevent over-compensation. Carrier’s recently introduced Flexi cool Hybridjet technology has not one but several advantages.

The sweltering heat in the summer will no longer burn a big hole in your pocket. Carrier’s Inverter AC with flexi-cool technology offers best-in-class cooling, helping you to maintain the required temperature in your room. The new age Carrier AC’s provides optimum cooling and does not go overboard with freezing you. The new FLEXICOOL technology is all about high efficiency, affordable prices, a sustainable living and is certainly the next big milestone in the cooling industry.

Carrier’s vision is not just limited to providing the best; the brand strongly believes in shaping the world we live in. Right from pioneering a revolutionary innovation to refining them with energy-efficient and sustainable products, Carrier with its most recent innovation brings real comfort and productivity, all at the same time.

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