CM for stricter measures to prevent attacks on Dalits

Adopt a humanitarian approach when the weak and meek approach for help, police told

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has directed the police officials to take all precautionary measures to prevent the scope for occurrence of any untoward incidents against Dalits.

The police should focus on the preventive measures and be on alert all the time. The responsibility of preventing attacks on the weaker sections by stronger ones was lying with the police and therefore, the need for scaling up the preventive measures.

The Chief Minister made these remarks while reviewing the functioning of the Home and Forest departments with senior officials on Wednesday. He said it was unfortunate that incidents of atrocities against Dalits were being reported from different parts of the country in spite of the measures initiated. He directed the police officials – from higher officials to lower ones – to become part of the society and perform “friendly policing” giving respect to each and every citizen without discrimination and thereby, enhance spirit of policing. The officials concerned should adopt humanitarian approach when the weak and meek approach them for help and protection.

On the other issues, the Chief Minister said since the formation of Telangana State, one of the major achievements of the government was eradication of manufacture and sale of illicit liquor. However, there were reports suggesting that some illicit liquor manufacturing was taking place in a few places following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. “This has to be stopped forthwith,” he said.

The police and Excise officials who worked for making Telangana illicit liquor-free State should work with the same zeal in coordination. The police should also be on alert about social evils like gambling and deal stringently with those indulging in such activities.

The government had given special attention to women protection and the police should put extra efforts in this direction. There was a need to control and eradicate the sale and supply of banned substances like ganja which were harmful to society, especially the younger generation.

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