Coronavirus | India’s toll crosses 2 lakh; case tally is at 1.79 cr.

3.17 lakh fresh infections recorded on Tuesday

With 2,552 new deaths registered until 9.30 p.m. on Tuesday, India’s recorded COVID-19 death tally crossed the 2-lakh mark. The country’s cumulative fatalities stood at 2,00,432. Only the U.S. (5.7 lakh), Brazil (3.9 lakh) & Mexico (2.15 lakh) have registered a higher toll.

As of Monday, India surpassed Brazil’s average number of new deaths to become the country with the most daily fatalities.

As many as 3,17,246 new cases were also recorded in the country on Tuesday, taking the total infections to 1,79,43,126.

Maharashtra reported 66,358 infections on Tuesday, followed by Uttar Pradesh (32,993) and Kerala (32,819). Maharashtra also recorded 895 new casualties, followed by Uttar Pradesh (265) and Karnataka (180).

As many as 2,21,844 new recoveries were recorded on Tuesday, taking the total to 1,47,67,509. .

The figures do not include cases and deaths from Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Sikkim, Meghalaya and Ladakh. The data are sourced from, an independent aggregator of daily figures.

As many as 16,58,700 samples were tested on Monday (results of which were made available on Tuesday) in India, 2.56 lakh more than what was tested on Sunday.

The number of tests conducted daily to find a positive case has reduced sharply in April. The metric measures whether the country is testing enough relative to the size of the outbreak. A low figure indicates that fewer tests are being conducted to identify a positive and that testing needs to be increased significantly. On April 1, 15 tests were conducted to detect a positive case in India. However, the figure consistently reduced throughout the month and on April 25, only 5 tests were performed to detect a positive case.

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