CS keeps top officials on high alert

Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar has directed all Collectors, CPs and SPs and entire district administration be on high alert .

“Heavy rains have lashed the State . In Hyderabad, many areas have 20 cm rains in the last 24 hours . A number of untoward incidents have been reported,” he said in a message to the officials late on Tuesday night.

“Myself and DGP are having a telecon with senior officers related to GHMC areas . You should conduct teleconference with your district officers and mandal officers . Massive flooding and waterlogging are likely to occur in low lying areas,” he pointed out.

Falling of trees and electric poles can happen leading to disruption of normal activities. Reservoirs, tanks and streams might overflow causing inundation of low-lying areas and cause low bridges and causeways to overflow, posing threat to traffic and people, he noted.

The Collectors and SPs are requested to put the entire district administration on alert and strictly follow the flood protocol communicated earlier. Special attention needs to be paid to low level bridges and causeways and all traffic and pedestrian movement has to be strictly prohibited and ensure no loss of lives, he noted.

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