Haryana no confidence motion: Who said what in House

"They said mandis will shut down, they said MSP will be abolished, but they have not been able to quote even one such incident. They are misleading the naive farmers… Farmers are with us."

Bhupinder Singh Hooda,

Farmers who have died at Delhi’s borders should be given the status of martyrs. JJP’s manifesto mentioned that 10 per cent bonus shall be given on crop procurement. Neither a law was framed nor was a bonus given. The BJP’s manifesto ensured double income for farmers and a MSP guarantee… With taxes being imposed on pesticides and fertilizers, expenditure incurred by farmers increasing manifold, and diesel prices increasing, how will you double farmers’ income?

The government passed a 75% reservation Bill for Haryana youth in the private sector. JJP’s manifesto never mentioned that it will only be in the private sector…You changed domicile rules from 15 to 5 years. Then, you say that it will not be applicable on reserved category jobs in the government sector. How will this happen?

Manohar Lal Khattar,

Once the three laws are implemented and if then it is felt that there is any loss to the farmers interest. We shall do anything and everything to protect it. I give a guarantee that mandis will not be shut down and MSP will also continue.

Market fee in mandis is not imposed by way of any Act, it is a mere circular/ notification that is issued. It will continue like the way it is going. Opposition is provoking farmers to think that if the laws are implemented, farmer will lose his land, he will lose his income etc etc. Farmer is not thinking it, but you are forcing them to think it…People who are agitating feel that they have legitimate right to protest. They think they have freedom to do so. But freedom is not an absolute freedom…

Congress party will continue to sink, even deeper…Who all have instigated farmers, getting the toll plazas free, who all are instigating protestors, people are watching it. So far it has caused Rs 212 crore loss. Since Nov 26, industries associations have apprised us that they have incurred loss worth Rs 11000 crore, till date…

Raghuvir Singh Kadiyan
Congress MLA

Naina Chautala (JJP MLA from Badhra) had been saying that she will die, but never support the BJP. I would request her to lead like Jhansi ki Rani, and boycott this government and support this no confidence vote. Dushyant Chautala, who is not present here currently, should also listen to his conscience, close his eyes, and if he is able to see Chaudhary Devi Lal’s picture, he must withdraw support…

Balraj Kundu,
Independent MLA

As such, there is nothing in this no-confidence motion. The numbers make it clear, the government has absolute majority. I am not with the Congress party that moved this motion, but I am with farmers…I will support the government if any of the ministers can tell me even a single benefit for farmers in these legislations.

Politics being played on farmers should be stopped. We should have mercy on them. He should be given justice…I suggest the CM become a mediator, and ensure that talks resume between farmers and the Union government. We all will stand with you. I will vote in favor of this no-confidence motion, but only in the farmers’ interest.

Dr Kamal Gupta,

You are moving a no-confidence motion? No-confidence motions don’t change governments. You are misleading farmers. We are giving bicycles and cars to farmers. But you are telling farmer that if he rides the bicycle, he will fall… you are saying that if he drives a car, he will meet with an accident. We are making farmers entrepreneurs, but you don’t want them to be self reliant. You want farmers to continue to be dependent on you…

Shakuntla Khatak,
Congress MLA

Shakuntla Khatak, Congress MLA from Kalanaur, recited a poem on farmers, and said she supported the no-confidence motion. Khatak requested Khattar with folded hands to pay attention to women and children who are sitting at Delhi’s borders. She also mocked at Khattar’s yesterday statement where he ridiculed Congress legislators including Hooda to be sitting on the tractor that was pulled by women Congress legislators.

Harvinder Kalyan,

Why are these farm legislations called black, just because these came out from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pen? If one constructs a house and some discrepancies in electricity and water pipelines are later detected, do you correct those discrepancies or raze the entire house? Farmers’ issues are an extremely sensitive matter. The Congress should not play politics on such a sensitive subject. Being a farmer myself, I emphasize that these three farm legislations must be implemented and taken forward to ensure their welfare. An environment is being created to ensure no MLA from the ruling party can enter any village, but Opposition must not consider it their achievement.

Sombir Sangwan,
Independent MLA who withdrew support from BJP-JJP govt

I’ll tell you what is the reason BJP and JJP leaders are not allowed to enter villages. These three laws have absolutely nothing good for farmers. We should pass a resolution in Vidhan Sabha and send it to the Union government…I request this House to enact some legislation, ensuring MSP. I have met MLAs from across party lines, they all know these laws are anti-farmer, but they are not coming out and speaking because of various reasons.

Aseem Goel,

BJP legislator Aseem Goel calls Congress legislators traitors. I salute farmers, but you all are traitors. They (Congress) don’t allow us to enter villagers so that villagers do not hear the other version. Because if villagers heard the correct version, it is not us but Congress who will not be allowed entry in villages…Jo log naare lagaate hain ke bharat tere tukde honge inshallah-inshallah.. Congress unke saath mil chuki hai…

Kiran Choudhry,
Congress MLA

It was BJP’s election manifesto to implement the Swaminathan report.. but, we all know what’s happening to it. On April 14, 2016, PM inaugurated a system connecting mandis with the Internet. What happened to that? It had no impact. Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said ‘mandiyon ki umar poori ho chuki’. She has said this to assure corporates. We all know when farmers will not be able to enter mandis, the mandi system and MSP will get abolished on its own. The real problem is MSP. Why couldn’t a MSP law be enacted? …

Why isn’t SYL water an issue today. When I talk about it in the House, I am not allowed to. The three black laws (farm legislations) are enacted only to favour corporates… I condemn how the government is forcefully imposing them on farmers. Agriculture is a state subject… in Rajya Sabha, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar had said that agriculture is a state subject… why is Haryana’s rights being encroached upon? It is being said that mandis will not shut down. Even we don’t say that. But we understand that with these laws, these mandis will gradually die its own death…

Randhir Gollen,

A farmer who feeds the entire country is in bad shape today. I think that almost all farmers of Haryana are in debt, their land is mortgaged in banks. But, the real farmer is who works in the fields. The environment that is prevailing for over 100 days in Haryana is not good. We have 90 MLAs in Haryana Vidhan Sabha, of which 60-70 are associated with farming/agriculture. Congress is instigating farmers to hold protests.

60 persons protested outside my office yesterday and asked me to vote against the government. Why should I? 41,000 voters have elected me. They will decide what I should do, not the 60 Congressmen who protested outside my office… Congress is worried only about how to get back into power. I believe our government has been doing the best for farmers’ welfare. The no confidence motion moved by the Congress has nothing to do with farmers. It will have no impact on the government. I support the government, and vote against this motion.

JP Dalal,
Agriculture minister

It is right that farmers’ conditions across the country is not that good. But, I would like to compare figures of farmers’ income during Congress and our tenures. If farmers’ condition is such today, it is only due to Congress that had ruled for a majority period. They are misleading people that these are black laws.

They said mandis will shut down, they said MSP will be abolished, but they have not been able to quote even one such incident. They are misleading the naive farmers… Farmers are with us. We have their blessings. I am a farmer’s son. We stand committed to double farmers’ incomes. We can’t make Congress happy, but we shall surely make farmers happy.

Jagbir Singh Malik,
Congress MLA

Everybody should vote listening to their conscience… nobody should vote under pressure of the Whips. It has been over 100 days since this agitation began. BJP did everything, held tractor rallies, tried to hold meetings in villages, but people didn’t listen to you. You called them (farmers) conspirators. Agriculture Minister J P Dalal had said that farmers had to die. You must apologise to all farmers… you have been saying that dying by suicide has become a fashion for farmers.

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