Multiple agencies pitch in to rescue 30 patients

They were in a hospital at Mahalakshmi Layout

Amidst the sea of bad news, a private hospital in the city had a happy tale to share of how multiple agencies came together to save 30 patients.

Shreyas Hospital, Mahalakshmi Layout, in a release, shared details of the incident that unfolded late Wednesday night when one of their oxygen cylinders started leaking while another was in queue to be refilled at Whitefield.

The hospital management reached out to Sonu Sood Foundation, which helped the hospital’s cylinder bypass the queue. While staff waited for arrival of the refilled cylinder in the presence of the Mahalakshmi Layout police and Fire Department, the office of the drug controller arranged for emergency cylinders from a neighbouring hospital, the management said.

All the patients were safe till the arrival of the refilled cylinder, the release added.

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