Panneerselvam seeks TN CM’s intervention for sugar mills to resume activity

The AIADMK leader said the resumption would benefit 10,000 cane farmers and 500 workers

AIADMK coordinator, O. Panneerselvam, on Thursday sought the intervention of Chief Minister M.K. Stalin in the resumption of operations by the National Cooperative Sugar Mills in Madurai district.

Recalling how the previous AIADMK regime had provided assistance of ₹39.32 crore to the mill in the previous two years in times of less cane availability and poor rainy seasons, Mr. Panneerselvam, in a statement, pointed out that following a bountiful monsoon this time, there were 60,000 tonnes of registered sugarcane and 17,000 tonnes of unregistered sugarcane.

It was submitted on behalf of the mills management that the unit required about ₹22 crore for crushing operations to begin. About 70% of preliminary work, before the commencement of the crushing season, had been carried out.

By facilitating the resumption of the operations of the mills, 10,000 cane farmers and 500 workers would be directly benefited, apart from a number of persons such as transporters and agricultural workers who would benefit indirectly, he said.

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