Prabhas takes heavy bank loan on his Properties! What's the reason?

As of 2022, Rebel star  Prabhas‘s net worth is estimated to be around $27 million.  It is known that Prabhas is currently taking a remuneration of up to Rs 150 Cr for each film. But he owes Rs 21 crore  which has become the hot topic of discussion in the film Industry. Prabhas taking a loan in this range with his own property has now become a sensation.  Prabhas starrer Saaho was released under Friends banner and Radhe Shyam’s movie was released under Gopikrishna Movies banner. But when these two films also turned out to be disasters, Prabhas withdrew a lot of his remuneration.

He took Rs 21 crore loan from a bank on his properties.  He received the cheque on  last Wednesday. Why does a person like Prabhas need to take a loan from a bank?  Prabhas is not an ordinary person, now he is a superpower in the Telugu film industry, In other words, he is a Baahubali. Why does Prabhas need to put the property in the bank for such a small amount? 

Why did Prabhas, who gets a remuneration of Rs 100 crores per film, suddenly have to take a loan of Rs 21 crores? Few are saying that  Prabhas is investing in some businesses. 

 On the work front, Prabhas will be seen playing the lead roles in Salaar, Adipurush and Spirit.

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