Rare surgery performed


A rare surgery was performed on a 63-year-old patient who had a tumour inside her brain.

The patient, a resident of Pannaipuram in Theni district, became unconscious and was admitted to Government Rajaji Hospital here on May 4. The doctors at the multi speciality hospital confirmed through various tests that the tumour was malignant and required immediate removal.

The team of doctors, headed by Professor, Neurosurgery, J. Shree Saravanan, said that it used FL560, a dye that differentiates the parts of the brain with and without the tumour and removed it using special filters seen through a high-powered microscope.

“Government Rajaji Hospital is capable of precision and quality surgery,” Dr. Saravanan, said.

The team also removed an external tumour weighing five kg from the head of a 31-year-old patient. The tumour extended from the skull to the scalp. The surgery took a total of 10 hours to complete.

Dean of Government Rajaji Hospital K. Vanitha said that the GRH was one of the few hospitals with technology that can be used to remove such tumours.

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