Reintroduce lottery tickets to revive economy, says MP

It will generate revenue and provide employment opportunities, says Karti

The State government could reintroduce sale of lottery tickets, which was banned in 2003, said Congress MP Karti Chidambaram .

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, he contended that sale of lottery tickets would generate revenue and provide employment opportunities. For the State, which badly needed finances and was overburdened with mounting debts, the proposal would be a real solution.

According to him, lottery tickets were illegally sold in many parts of Tamil Nadu and media reported that police seized banned lottery tickets. Hence, the government itself could sell lottery tickets, which would help phenomenally in reviving the economy and usher in a robust growth.

With the revenue generated through sale of lottery tickets, the government could undertake development works, lay state-of-the-art roads and construct bridges, upgrade public health systems and bring about a good change in the education system, Mr. Karti said and added that the proposal could invite criticism, but he was confident of revival of the economy.

On reports about shortage of COVID-19 vaccines, the MP blamed it on the Union government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had unilaterally decided to export six crore vials when there was a huge demand for the vaccine domestically. The Centre neither discussed with opposition parties on such crucial issues, nor listened to the officials, he charged.

On BJP leader H. Raja’s demand to hand over temple administration to private individuals, Mr Karti said that it was not the time to discuss it. The focus should be on fighting COVID-19. However, he said that Mr. Raja’s comments need not be taken too seriously and added that the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department should continue to handle the temple administration.

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