‘Respect for all leaders needed to revive TDP’

Former Vizianagaram MLA Meesala Geetha on Monday urged the Telugu Desam Party high command to ensure respect for all leaders in Vizianagaram district to revive the party in the city as well as in the district.

Along with former TDP MLA of Gajapathinagaram K.A. Naidu, Ms. Geetha addressed a press meet here in the backdrop of the TDP’s debacle in Vizianagaram where the party won only one ward out of 50.

Ms. Geetha, who was unsuccessful in securing a party ticket for the 2019 Assembly elections, alleged that she was not being invited to party programmes in the district headquarters.

“Lack of teamwork and coordination is the main reason behind the TDP’s failure in Vizianagaram. Some candidates failed to meet the expectations of the local people. The party needs to stay united and respect all of its leaders. Only then will it become a formidable force,” Ms. Geeta said.

Mr. Naidu said that lack of planning and strategy led to the defeat in Vizianagaram although the party was able to get a few seats in Bobbili and Nellimarla nagar panchayat.

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