Siddaramaiah pays last respect to fan

Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly and former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah paid a visit to Koodidoddi village in Mandya district on Thursday in fulfilment of the ‘wishes’ of his admirer who died recently. The person, Ramakrishna, had written a death note stating that he was a fan of Mr. Siddaramiah and that the latter should attend his funeral.

Mr. Siddarmaiah, on learning of the developments, paid a visit to the village and spoke to the relatives of the deceased and offered his condolences.

Expressing dismay over the incident, Mr. Siddaramaiah said one should surmount the difficulties or face them without succumbing to the pulls and pressures of life.

(Those in distress or those having suicidal tendencies can call Arogya Sahayavani Ph.: 104 for help.)

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