Some zones decide to go slow on binless movement

Identification of small-sized common spaces within a locality for compost yards has been difficult

It was only expected that this month Greater Chennai Corporation would go about its mission of ridding its roads of garbage bins, executing the plan in a phased manner. Into the second week, there is word that some zones want to go slower still, factoring in the lack of alternative arrangements.

According to Corporation sources, certain Corporation zones, mostly those in the extended areas, have sought more time for working this out. Delay in firming up plans regarding big garbage generators in neighbourhoods, mainly hotels, restaurants and marriage halls, is what is said to be holding them back.

These commercial entities are expected to set up small compost yards on their premises to take care of their garbage. Alternatively, when this is not possible, the civic body can identify spaces in the locality where these commercial entities can set up compost yards.

Corporation officials say identifying spots mainly near such hotels and marriage halls remains the challenge, as most of these facilities especially hotels do not have adequate space on their premises to compost the garbage generated by them on a daily basis.

Identification of small-sized common spaces within the locality has also been difficult as residents object to having such compost yards in their backyard.

Corporation officials say they were asked to provide some time for such hotels and marriage halls who are seeking to set up such compost units on their premises or at common spots under the guidance of the civic body.

Until such compost units are established, bins on the respective streets will remain.

In other commercial spaces, where garbage generation is lower, the bins will be removed. In fact, GCC has set a benchmark for classifying spots where such bins should be removed.

Accordingly, commercial establishments such as hotels and fruits and vegetables shops that generate 100 kg of waste every day, on an average, have to set up their own compost units on their premises.

GCC sources say that many commercial establishments in various zones including Adyar, Ambattur, Thiru Vi Kaa Nagar, Manali, Kodambakkam, Teynampet, Ambattur, Anna Nagar, Valasaravakkam and Alandur have started setting up small compost units on their premises with the help of local civic officials.

Corporation officials say maintaining such compost units and the additional expenditure it would entail are the common problems faced by restaurateurs and wholesale vendors.

On an average, such small compost units require at least one full time staff to take care of the unit including collection of garbage that is generated, its segregation and handling of the garbage.

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